Контрольная по английскому a buyer


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Эта контрольная создана для тех, кто изучает коммерцию в вузах. В контрольную работу входит множество заданий. В контрольной также нужно перевести английский экономический текст.


A buyer


I. Read and translate this introduction and the fax mesage.
A buyer need not accept the prices and terms offered by the seller unconditionally. There will often be good reason to make a counter-proposal with the object of obtaining better prices or terms, or a shorter time of delivery. As a result of these negotia­tions the supplier could make a concession, particularly for an in­troductory sale, or if the customer places a large order.

Here is a fax containing a counter-proposal: 

Roberts Import Company (RIC)
Av. Rio Brancol98
Grupo 506
Rio de Janeiro

T. Wilson
Sales Manager
Fanners Fruit Products
010 Mortimer St.
London Wl.
UK 16th November, 19__

Dear Sir,

Subject: Fruit Products Supply

Thank you for your letter of 10th November, enclosing your price-list. The 2 lb tins of marmalade would not be suitable for our customers, but we should like to buy 15,000 1 lb jars. However, there is one disadvantage when com­pared with local produce. Housewives here are used to a jar containing 500 grammes; the English pound is only 454 grammes. Therefore we would ask you to reduce the pric­es quoted for quality A2 by ten per cent.
As far as settlement is concerned, we would suggest paying half the amount against your invoice on receipt of the goods, and the second half within 30 days, deducting two per cent discount.
The samples arrived yesterday, and we must admit that your marmalade is delicious. Would you kindly let us know as soon as possible if you can supply us on the terms men­tioned.
Yours faithfully,
II. Answer the questions.
1. What is a reason of making a counter-proposal?
2. Can a supplier make a concession considering (учитывая) a counter-proposal?
3. In what cases does a supplier do it?
4. What does the Brazilian company thank the supplier for?
5. What is one disadvantage in English goods when compared with local produce? 
6. What does the Brazilian Company ask to do the English sup­pliers?
7. Are the Brazilians ready to pay the whole (всю) amount against the invoice on receipt of the goods?
8. What terms of payment do they suggest?
9. How many jars of marmalade would they like to buy?

III. Memorize these phrases.

Counter-proposals Контр-предложения

1. Your offer was disappointing; we had expected better terms. 
Ваше предложение нас разочаровало. Мы надеялись на лучшие условия.
2. The products you sell are not suitable for our market unless ..... 
Продукция, которую Вы предлагаете, не подойдет для нашего рынка пока Вы
3. We can only consider placing an order if you can give us a price reduction of 10%. 
Мы сможем рассмотреть вопрос о том, чтобы сделать заказ, если Вы снизите цену на 10%.
4. As far as payment is concerned, we usually do business on a 3 months' credit basis. 

Что касается платежа, то мы обычно совершаем сделки на основании 3-месячного кредита.
5. Please find enclosed ... 
Мы прилагаем...