Контрольная A culinary trip around Switzerland


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Контрольная работа по английскому языку включает в себя разнообразные задания: грамматические и на знание лексики. Контрольную можно порекомендовать тем, кто изучает общественное питание. Контрольная работа имеет средний уровень сложности intermediate. Если вы хотите решить эту контрольную, то вы должны повторить некоторые вопросы грамматики и выучить лексику.


A culinary trip around Switzerland


Task 1. Translate this text. Переведите текст.
A culinary trip around Switzerland.
The Swiss incorporate cuisine of Italy, France and Germany into their own Swiss specialties. Before a meal begins, some Swiss wish each other bon apptit. In any of the four national languages – Swiss-German, French, Italian – it all means the same: «Enjoy!». Since a lake is never far away - there's always a wide variety of fresh-water fish dishes based on the local kitchen. Superb specialty sausages are tempting treasures of Swiss cooking. Different regions produce a variety of delicious salamis, often featured as appetizers or snacks.
In season, the delicate perfume of local mushrooms flows from hundreds of kitchens. They show up in such specialties as mushrooms risotto and many other dishes.
Pies and tarts are popular as main courses. They feature fillings of meat, cheese, bacon, a multitude of vegetables, even potatoes. The best knows Swiss specialties are based on cheese. Fondue, that gently bubbling pot of flavourful cheese, into which you dip pieces of crusty bread, is a festive Swiss meal often shared among friends. You'll find there delicious meals - variations on cheese-on-toast, cheese tartlets and cheese fritters. If you are sweet tooth, all over the country, fruit is featured in many desserts, such as flavourful fruit tarts and fresh berries with whipped cream. But the most striking thing is Chocolate. You can start you day with chocolate croissants. You can enjoy Chocolate tarts at lunch. And remarkable culinary creations of moulded chocolate at dinner.
Most restaurants serve a "special-of-the-day". It's always safe to ask about the restaurant's trademark dishes and a beverage to match: wonderful wines, lively Schnapps and great beer. You never have to worry about the tip. Here, it's included.


Task 2. Answer the questions? Ответьте на вопросы:

1. What cuisine is incorporated (объединяться) into Swiss cuisine?

2. What's the Russian for the Swiss "bon appetit" and the English "enjoy"?

3. What fish dishes are popular?

4. What can you eat as a snack or appetizer?

5. What is popular as main course?

6. What are traditional cheese dishes?

7. Do Swiss like desserts?

8. What should you ask in the restaurant? Do they tip in restaurant?

Task3. Givethe English for the following word combinations.

Дайте английские эквиваленты следующим словосочетаниям.

Приятного аппетита –
местная кухня –
желанные ценности (сокровища) –
ризотто с грибами –
начинка из мяса –
фирменные блюда –
праздничная еда –
корзиночка с сыром –
сладкоежка –
фирменное блюдо ресторана –
«блюдо дня» –

Task 4. Make the sentences negative and interrogative. Сделайте следующие предложения отрицательными и вопросительными.
1. The best knows Swiss specialties are based on cheese.

2. You'll find there delicious meals.

3. Most restaurants serve a "special-of-the-day".

4. You have to worry about the tip.

5. This restaurant specializes in cheese dishes.

Task 5. Fill the necessary word form. Вставьте правильную форму слова.
1. French berries with wipped cream is a ...of this restaurant.
a) speciality b) special c) specialize

2. A person needs ... a mount of energy for ... activities.
a) variety b) vary c) various

3. Cheese-on-toast, cheese tartlets and cheese fritter are very ...
a) delicious b) delicacies

4. If you are a sweet tooth, you must taste ... fruit tarts.
a) flavour b) flavourful

5. Different regions in Switzerland ... different sausages, for example salamis.
a) product b) produce c) production

Task 6. Put the verb in the correct form: Active or Passive. Поставьте глагол в скобках в нужную форму Active or Passive voice.
1. A festive dinner with fondue (to share) among friends in Switzerland.
2. Tip (to include) in most of Swiss "restaurants".
3. The Swiss (to incorporate) cuisine of Italy, France and Germany into their own Swiss specialities.
4. Delicious salamis (to feature) as appetizers or snacks in different regions of the country.
5. Most restaurants (to serve) their trademark dishes and beverages.
6. The delicate perfume of mushrooms (to flow) from hundreds of kitchens in season.