Контрольная работа по английскому языку A dog


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Контрольная работа представляет собой тест. Чтобы выполнить этот тест, необходимо знать грамматику английского языка на достаточном уровне. Если вы не знаете грамматику английского языка, то вам следует потратить время на ее изучение.


A dog


Test one

1. Put into the plural.
1. A dog is an animal.
2. I am busy today.
3. That is her book.
4. Look at that little bird.
5. I am going to study my lesson.
6. It is mine.
7. Give this letter to Peter.
8. He was afraid of the dog.
9. This letter is important.
10. I work late every night.
11. The boy does his work well.

2. Put into the singular.
1. Oranges are good to eat.
2. Classrooms have blackboards.
3. Schools are large buildings.
4. Sheep are animals.
5. Germans are Europeans.
6. Girls wear skirts.
7. Boys wear trousers.
8. Stockings are long socks.
9. Eyes are blue or brown.
10. Cows give milk.
11. There are books on the shelves.
12. Tables are pieces of furniture.
13. Watches are small clocks.
14. Boots are kings of shoes.
15. Children are not always good.

3. Add a, an, the where necessary.
1. I must buy …. new briefcase.
2. …. new briefcase which I bought yesterday is made of … leather.
3. Peter bought …. new hat yesterday.
4. …. hat which Peter bought yesterday is an expensive one.
5. I also bought …. new hat yesterday.
6. William says that his uncle is going to give him …. dog.
7. …. dog which William’s uncle gave him is named Nida.
8. I must write …. letter.
9. Peter put …. letter which he had just received into his pocket.
10. We can write …. letter on paper.
11. …. paper is made of …. wood.
12. …. Sugar is nice in …. cup of …. tea.
13. We eat …. soup wich …. spoon.
14. I like …. jam on …. piece of …. bread.
15. We can write …. letter in …. ink or with …. pencil.
16. …. cigarette is made of …. tobacco and …. paper.
17. We make …. butter and …. cheese from …. milk.
18. …. handkerchief is made of …. piece of …. cloth.
19. I am fond of …. apples with …. cheese.
20. I should like to have …. house in …. country.
21. We had …. dinner at …. new restaurant …. last night.
22. Do you prefer …. books of …. poetry or …. stories of …. adventure?
23. Peter travelled in …. third-class carriage with …. Americans.
24. …. birds can fly very high in …. sky.
25. …. youngest brother is at …. school now.
26. He makes …. toys in the evening.

4. Re-word the following sentences in two ways suggested below.
He is less stupid than I thought he was.
He is not so stupid as I thought he was.
He is cleverer than I thought he was.
1. She is less ugly than you said she was.
2. My brother is less hard-working than me.
3. This street is less wide than the next one.
4. My bag is less heavy than my friend’s.
5. A donkey is less beautiful than a horse.

5. Re-make these sentences, using too, as shown below.
This mountain is very high. We can’t climb it.
This mountain is too high (for us) to climb.
1. It’s very small. This is a big room.
2. It’s very good. It can’t be true.
3. It’s very dark. I can’t see anything.
4. This dress is very old. I can’t wear it any more.
5. It’s very hot. . I can’t go out.

6. Измените следующие предложения по образцу.
Mary is taller than John.
Mary is as tall as John.
Mary is not so tall as John.
1. This metal is …. (valuable)…. gold.
2. Mary is …. (beautiful) …. her sister.
3. The weather today is …. (warm)…. the weather yesterday.
4. This book is …. (good) …. that one.
5. This exercise is …. (simple) …. the last one.

7. Re-word the following, using, enough to.
You are quite clever; you understand perfectly
You are clever enough to understand perfectly.
1. You are quite old now. You ought to know better.
2. I am very tired. I can sleep all night.
3. The story is short. We can read it in one lesson.
4. The moon is very bright. I can read a book by it.
5. I have enough money. I can buy the dictionary now.

8. Choose the correct word.
1. (We, us) all went with (themselves, them).
2. They knew all about me friend and (I, me).
3. Mary and (he, him, himself) came last night.
4. I came here with Peter and (her, she).
5. He told Mary and (me, my) to go with (he, him) and his mother.
6. An old man asked my friend and (I, me) what the time was.
7. Go and see (he, him) and his friend.
8. There are some letters for (me, I).
9. Go with John and (her, she) to visit (them, they).
10. Look at the picture: this is (I, me).
11. That’s (him, he) over there.
9. Insert some, any, one, ones, as required
1. I asked him for …. ink and he gave me….
2. So this is your house; it’s a very pretty….
3. I doubt if there are …. sweets left.
4. I want same oranges. Give me this big ….
5. We have …. New shirts in today. Do you want buy ….? This green …. is very nice.
6. Don’t make …. noise; he wants to get …. sleep.
7. Are there …. more books? I’ve read all these old.

10. Choose the correct variant.
1. Give the books ….
a) to him; b) him; c) to he
2. He held out his hand ….
a) to I; b) to me; c) me
3. Excuse me, …. you tell me the way to the Houses of Parliament, please?
a) can; b) may; c) will
4. We …. learn from the past.
a) may; b) need; c) must
5. The leopard …. not change his sports.
a) need; b) can; c) ought
6. There is …. new under the sun.
a) no thing; b) nothing; c) anything
7. I don’t know about it; ask …. else.
a) nobody; d) anybody; c) somebody
8. You can buy stamps at …. post office.
a) any; b) no; c) some
9. Have you got …. objections?
a) no; b)some; c) any
10. …. people are early risers.
a) any; b) some ; c) no
11. There are …. parties that have nice music and pretty decoration.
a) a few; b) few; c) little
12. Is there …. work for you to do every day?
a) many; b) mach; c) few
13. That was …. case in the practice.
a) the least difficult; b) the less difficult; c) the less difficulter
14. Hotels are …. nowadays.
a) more expensive; b) the most expensive; c) expensive
15. Actions speak …. that words.
a) more louder; b) the loudest; c) louder

11. a) Fill in the blanks with to have (got) or to be.
1. My brother …. a new TV set. 2. Mary …. Mr. Brown’s wife. 3. Ann …. a University student. She …. a lot of friends. 4. Mr. and Mrs. Green …. three children, two boys and girl. Their sons …. nine and eleven, their daughter …. five. 5. “Where …. your son?” – “He is at school now”. 6. …. they …. A four-room flat or a free-room flat? 7. “…. Peter’s brother a journalist?” – “Yes, he….” 8. How many English books …. she….? 9. The Petrovs …. a two-room flat. They …. a bedroom and a sitting-room in their flat.

b) Translate into English.
1.У моего брата есть собака. У него хорошая собака. 2. Друзья Ольги – учителя. Борис - тоже учитель. Он очень любит английский. 3. У меня нет сестры, у меня есть брат. Он студент, он учиться в университете. 4. У нее очень много работы сегодня. 5. У нас в шкафу есть немного английских книг. 6. У него очень мало времени. 7. Новое кресло - самое удобное. 7. Его друг один - из самых лучших врачей.8. Где здесь ближайший магазин? – Он за углом. Вы можете легко его найти. 9. Джейн говорит, что это один из самых захватывающих (thrilling) романов. 10. Чья это машина? – Это машина господина Смита.