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Это небольшая контрольная работа по английскому языку. Особенность этой контрольной заключается в том, что студенту дается задание написать несколько строк на определенную тему. В контрольной работе редко дают задания на написания эссе.




I. Put the verbs in brackets into either the Past Simple or Present Perfect.
A: Can I have a word about your trip to Athens?
B: Yes, of course. Is everything OK?
A: Yes. Your tickets ( arrive ) and they’re in my office now. And I ( just / have) a fax from the hotel confirming your reservation.
B: Thank you. What about money?
A: I ( already / order ) some drachmas for you. I (ring ) the bank yesterday, and they’ll have them tomorrow. But there’s a problem with your Eurocheque book. I (ask ) them to send one a week ago, but it (not / arrive) yet.
B: That’s all right. I (never / need) a Eurocheque before. I normally use a credit card.
A: Really? Are you sure you can do that?
B: Yes, I think so. Certainly when I (go) to France last October I (take) my Visa card and my Mastercard, and I (not/have) any problems. But I’ll check about Greece. (you / ever / be) there?
A: No, but have a word with Alison Morgan in Production. She (be) there a couple of times this year, so I expect she would know.

II. Use the Past Simple Active or Passive form of the verb in brackets.


The Leaning Tower of Pisa is probably the most famous tower in the world. It (begin) in 1173 but when the third floor (finish) five years later, problems with the foundations (discover). No work (do) on the tower for the next ninety years. In the next 180 years architects and engineers (try) to solve the problem but no solution (find). In 1350 the angle of the tower (accept) and the tower (complete). In the next six centuries millions of tourists (visit) it but in 1989 it (close) because of the danger of collapse. In the next twelve years engineers (develop) a solution and (reduce) the angle by 31 centimetres. In 2001 the tower (open) again to visitors.

Imagine a hypothetical situation. Write what would happen if …
Microsoft didn’t appear.

The client is engaged in conversation too long.

Your boss offers you a new job.

Use either ‘make’ or ‘do’ with the following words.
__________ research _________an offer
__________ friends_________a mistake
__________ damage_________one’s best
__________ money_________a reservation

Write a few sentences on the topic:

“What kind of business would you like to start and what do you need for it?”