Контрольная по английскому языку Advertising


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Английский язык. Advertising.


Контрольная работа
Задание №1
Раскройте скобки, употребляя глагол в одном из следующий времен: Present Simple, Present Continuous, Future Simple.
1. Jason (not/come) with us this evening.
2. What this sign (mean)?
3. We usually (meet) at the sports centre every Monday afternoon.
4. I promise, I (come) to you place next Sunday.
5. John and Mary (play) chess at the moment.

Задание №2
Исправьте грамматические ошибки в предложениях:
1. Steve goes fishing tomorrow.
2. I am visiting my grandparents every week.
3. Will you to clean the carpet, please.
4. Peter looks for a new house these days.
5. Are you believing this information?

Задание №3
Составьте предложения из следующих групп слов:
1. to/ going/ conference/ attend/ marketing/ are/on/you/the?
2. does/ his/ often/ coffee/ he/ for/ secretary/ not/ a/ ask.
3. phone/ making/ is/ appointment/ now/ the/ he/ on/ an.
4. on/ leaving/ business/ Brussels/ he/ for/is.
5 extra/ nobody/ hours/ to/ wants/ work.

Задание №4
Составьте предложения из следующих групп слов, употребляя глагол в одном из времен: Past Indefinite, Present Perfect
1. Calvin Klein / be / a leading fashion designer/ since the mid-1970s
2. in the past/ he/ take/ a passive approach/ to the counterfeit problem
3. how many letters/ the agency/ receive/ today?
4. McDonald's/ launch/ a new promotional campaign/ two weeks ago

Откройте скобки. Поставьте глаголы в Past Simple или в Present Perfect.
I'm worried about the sales of the range of fragrances we (launch) two years ago. In the first year sales (increase) steadily. However, since the beginning of this year, sales (fall) by almost 10%.
The reason for this is clear. Several films in SE Asia copy our designs and are now flooding the French market with them. This (become) a serious problem.
Last month, I (organise) a team of investigators. Up to now, they (find) many counterfeit goods, which the police (seize) and impounded. Yesterday, I contacted (contact) several firms who (inform) me that they (have) similar problems. They all (lose) sales because of counterfeiting.

Задание №6
Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в страдательном залоге времен Present Simple, Past Simple, Future Indefinite,
1. Millions of cars (to export) from Japan every year.
2. The new strategic plan (to develop) a year ago.
3. The details (to discuss) at the meeting that will place at the end of the month.
4. The production of oil (to increase) by 10% next year.
5. Large companies (to organize) into several large departments, sometimes even divisions.

Задание № 7
Переведите предложения на русский язык, обращая внимание на использование страдательного залога.
1. The book is very popular because very important problems have been touched upon.
2. His books will be referred to by all those who work at this problem.
3. The date was agreed upon by all the participants of the negotiation.
4. The project is much spoken about.
5. I'm sure he'll be listened to with great attention.

Задание № 8. Переведите на английский
Модель новой машины была показана на выставке в Москве. Она привлекла внимание клиентов, и нам удалось заключить несколько крупных контрактов. Мы планируем расширить производство и экспортировать новый продукт в Финляндию, Мы надеемся получить большие прибыли.

Advertisers tend to think big and this is why they're always coming in for criticism. Their critics seem to resent them because they have a flair for self-promotion and because they have much money to throw around. Why don't they stop advertising and reduce the price of their goods? After all, it’s the consumer who pays…
The poor old consumer! He'd have to pay a great deal more if advertising didn't create mass markets for products. It's precisely because of the advertising that consumer goods are so cheap. But we get the wrong idea if we think that the only purpose of advertising is to sell goods. Another equally important function is to inform. A great deal of knowledge we have about household goods derives largely from the advertisements we read. Advertisements introduce us to new products or remind us of the existing ones.
Lots of people pretend they never read advertisements, but this claim may be seriously doubted. It's hardly possible not to read advertisements these days. And what fun they often are, too! Just think what a railway station or a newspaper would be without advertisements. Would you enjoy gazing at a blank wall or reading railway bye-laws while waiting for a train? Would you like to read only closely-printed columns of news in your daily paper? A cheerful, witty advertisement makes such a difference to a drab wall or a newspaper full of the daily ration of calamities.
We must not forget, either, that advertisement makes a positive contribution tо our pockets. Newspapers, commercial radio and television companies could not subsist without this source of revenue. The fact that we pay so little for our daily paper or can enjoy so many broadcast programmes is due entirely to the money spent by advertisers. Just think what a newspaper would cost if we had to pay its full price!

Задания к тексту:
1. Выберите выражения, не противоречащие тексту:
a) Advertising is an insiduous form of brainwashing.
b) Advertising makes railway stations brighter.
c) One of the main functions of advertising is to inform.
d) It’s the consumer who pays for advertising.
e) Advertising is the main source of revenue for mass-media.
f) Advertising cheapens the quality of life: most advertisings are in a poor taste.
g) Advertising creates demand for the things we don't need.
h) Advertising shockingly interrupts our favourite TV programmes.
i) Advertising creates mass markets - therefore goods are cheap.
j) Some claim they never read advertisements: doubtful.

2. Найдите русские эквиваленты следующих слов и выражений:
Hoarding потребитель
Revenue мелодия из рекламы
Blank ужас, неприятность
Consumer убеждать
Closely printed рекламный щит
Calamity бесплатный образец
Jingle телевизионная реклама
Eye-catching доход
Free samples привлекающий внимание
Commercial напечатанный рядом
Convince пустой, голый

3. Переведите письменно абзацы 3 и 4