Контрольная Advertising as a career in the USA


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Контрольная работа по английскому языку создана студентов, которые изучают рекламное дело в институтах и университетах. Контрольная работа включает в себя десять заданий. Чтобы хорошо выполнить контрольную работу, необходимо иметь высокий уровень знания английского языка; предполагается уровень не ниже intermediate.


Английский язык. Advertising as a Career in the USA.


I. Выберите подходящее местоимение.
I. How old is (she, her)? 2. (They, their, them) are not students. 3. Give (I, me, my) the cables, please. 4. Is (you, your) car good? 5. (We, our, us) begin (we, our) work at 9 o'clock in the morning. 6. Take (me, my, I) watch from the table and look at (it, its).

II. Заполните пропуски предлогами.
Используйте предлоги: with, for, of, to, from.
1. Three months ago Rossimport received an enquiry _ compressors _ their customers. Stepanov an engineer _ Rossimport went _ Great Britain to have talks _ Brown & Co who sell compressors _ high quality.

Используйте предлоги: with , for, from, to, on.
2. When he came _ London he made an appointment _Mr Morris f Brown & Co _Wednesday. The Seller offered the good _ CIF terms. Stepanov agreed _ the delivery terms and _payment _ collection.

Используйте предлоги: to, at, with, in, on.
3. Brown & Co could deliver the goods only _ 8 months as they were heavy _ orders. The price was not attractive _ Stepanov and he asked the company to give them a discount _the price. Mr Morris could offer him only a 2% discount as their goods were _ great demand and sold very well _ that price. 

III. Поставьте следующие предложения в вопросительную и отрицательную форму.
1. Your office has got a beautiful view.
2. He reads the papers every day.
3. My colleagues are usually very helpful.
4. There is a computer on his desk.
5. Jackie is talking to a customer at the moment.
6. I have found your file.
7. We gave them a lot of money.
8. He can write computer programs.
9. They will come to see me tomorrow.

IV. Заполните пропуски местоимениями some, any, по, every и их производными (+ body, + thing, + where).
I. The other day we sent _ enquiries for chemical equipment. 2. Are there _ letters on the table? Yes, there are _ 3. I have read _ about this writer but I want to know more about his life and his novels. 4. Is there _ good about Joe? 5. He never gives his son_ money. 6. There is _in the vase and I miss it so much. 7. Would you like _ coffee? 8. _ met Smith at the airport, that's why he hired a taxi. 9. When can I speak to you? _ time! 10. I think, you want to tell me _. – Oh, _ serious. 11. Where is Jack? I can’t see him _. – Oh, he must be _ here. 12. Do you go _ on Sunday? 13. Does he know _ about foreign trade? - Yes, he knows _. By the way, he is the best specialist of this company.

V. Выберите правильный вариант (other, another, the other).
1. There were two cables on Mr. Hill's desk. One was from Continental Computer and _ was from Anglo Exports. 2. Every two or three years they put _ manager in charge of the factory. 3. Will you show me _ calculator, please. 4. A far greater emphasis is laid on training specialists in electronics, the computer processing of information, and many _.

VI. Заполните пропуски словами much, many, few, little, a little, a few.
1. I am sorry we have _ English books, but we have a lot of magazines. 2. Is there _ or _ furniture in your flat? 3. I am very busy now and I've got only _ minutes to look through these papers. 4. How _ people are there at the conference? 5. You make _ mistakes as you don't work _.6. There are very _ students in the hall. It's almost empty.

VII. Сравните следующие ниже понятия, употребляя конструкции as... as, not so... as (not as... as).
Образец: Saratov is not as large as Moscow.
1. Our new flat, our old flat (small).
2. We have received offers, they have received offers (many).
3. English, Japanese (difficult).
4. This model, that model (good).
5. January, March (cold).

VIII. Поставьте глаголы в нужном времени, употребив каждое из данных обстоятельств.
1. Our manager (discuss) business matters with them (this week, yesterday, just, a fortnight ago, often, now).
2. Some packages (come) from our New York office (last Monday, recently, soon, yesterday, this week).
3. They (to be) in/to Italy (last year, lately, this month, now).

IX. Раскройте скобки, употребив глагол в нужной форме.
White: Well, Mr.Petrov, what _ I _ (can, to do) for you?
Petrov: Mr. White, we _ (to study) your latest catalogues closely. The Model AC compressors _ (to meet) our requirements and we'd like to place an order with you.
White: How many compressors _ you _ (would like, to buy)?
Petrov: We'd like to buy 50 compressors.
White: When _ you _ (to require) the compressors?
Petrov: We _ (to require) them for immediate shipment.
White: All right. We usually _ (to sell) our goods on CIF terms.
Petrov: Well, Mr. White, we _ (can, to accept) your delivery terms. When _ we (to meet) to discuss the price and terms of payment?
White: Let's _(to meet) tomorrow at 10.
Petrov: Fine. Good-bye, Mr.White.
White: Good-bye, Mr.Petrov.

X. Прочтите и переведите текст.
Advertising as a Career in the USA
Advertising is any paid form of nonpersonal presentation and promotion of products, services, or ideas by an identifiable individual or organization. It flourishes mainly in free-market, profit-oriented countries. It is one of the most important factors in accelerating the distribution of products and helping to raise the standard of living. Advertising cannot turn a poor product or service into a good one, but what it can do - and does - is to create awareness about both old and new products and services. So the three main objectives of advertising are:
- to produce knowledge about the product or service;
- to create preference for it;
- to stimulate thought and action about it.
Careers in advertising may involve working for advertisers, media, advertising agencies, or suppliers and special services. In the opinion of American specialists, at most, only 35 colleges and universities in the USA have effective courses in advertising education. Fewer than 10 offer any truly significant amount of graduate work in advertising. However, advertising draws people from a variety of educational backgrounds.

XI. Задайте 5 вопросов к тексту (общий вопрос, специальный вопрос, альтернативный вопрос, разделительный вопрос, вопрос к подлежащему).