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Практически все задания связаны с переводом текста.




1. Перепишите предложения, вставляя неопределенные местоимения some, any, no и их производные (something, anything, nothing, somebody, anybody, nobody, somewhere, anywhere, nowhere). Переведите предложения на русский язык.

Unfortunately, we have _ to arrange our exhibition. Ask Peter to find _ place for it.

If you have _ paper, please, take mine. You will need _ paper to make a report.

They haven't produced _ saleable and customer attractive _ a long time.

You will find _ manager better than George. He is the best _ in this field.

Anyway, our enterprise must find _ new and more solid source of investment.

This commercial bank provides _ credit programmes for people. You should better choose another one.


2. Перепишите предложения, заполняя пропуски необходимыми предлогами. Переведите предложения на русский язык.

1. Our costs were fixed for some period of time. Did he offer any solutions for this problem?
2. Their Finance Manager has to examine the percentage change _ quantity.
3. To provide scope _ further research, we should look _ new business partners.
4. _ this stage, I suppose, we shouldn't change our machinery _ this considerable extend.
5. Your American colleagues are greatly concerned _ our technical co-operation _Iraq.
6. _ fact, people purchase and sell their goods and services _ exchange _ money.

3. Перепишите предложения, заполняя пропуски подходящими по смыслу местоимениями. Переведите предложения на русский язык.

1. _ President wants to persuade _ to use _ field and barn machinery.
2. _tariffs and credit rules are becoming unbearable for _ and for _ customers.
3. Such unbalanced policy will lead to the bad result, and our company will lose it.
4. We told the manager about _ project, but he said _ about _ in _ reply letter.
5. _ company chose the best way to advertise our production in their farmer-oriented magazine.
6. There are _ variations of_ potato-harvesters and milking apparatuses that_ offer _ here.

4. Перепишите предложения, вставляя соответствующие формы глаголов to have u to be. Переведите предложения на русский язык.

1. All our team_ working at this project that _ of great importance for our market advancement.
2. Some time later I will give you the assignment that must _performed at once.
Позднее я дам тебе задание, которое должно быть выполнено немедленно.
3. Our General Director _ some problems at home, and he _ already fired a lot of employees this week.
4. It _ a known matter that bank deposits _ a medium of exchange.
5. We _to advertise our agricultural goods ourselves, as nobody_ money to cover these coasts.
6. Roger’s partners _ gained a lot since they began using our machinery.

5. Переведите предложения на русский язык (письменно). Поставьте вопросы к выделенным частям этих предложений (письменно).

All these non-government organizations play a prominent part in shaping the business environment.

David Tilly has spent almost $100 at the livestock exhibition.

He canceled the bargain immediately after he had learnt about their money tricks.

Last week his boss enabled him to negotiate with this firm about sugar-beet supply prices.

We can easily rise our income by using new types of credit instruments.

That businessman from the USA has been having strong professional contacts with our firm.


6. Перепишите текст, дополняя его словами под чертой. Переведите текст на русский язык.

Firms to be highly . New commercially proved products and low are good ways to sales and profits. Since all firms are owned, they try the largest profits possible out of their activities. In a free market situation individual are free to pursue their business and personal interests. They can millionaires, for example.

advanced, to make, competitive, prices, tend, privately, people, become, increase, own.

7. Перепишите предложения, употребляя данные в скобках глаголы в соответствующей форме. Переведите предложения на русский язык.

You and your subordinates (not to attend) the meeting yet. Why?

This real estate firm also (to sell) antique and modern furniture for offices.

He (to be) a very successful businessman. He (to achieve) a lot in his life.

He (to give) her an application form for a job with us, so that she (can) fill it in at home.

My brother (to work) for a company which (to advertise) different cars.

I (to write) a business report that I (to need) to present tomorrow. Could you (to help) me with it, please?


7. Last year the rate of inflation (to rise) a little, and this year it (to be) about the same.
8. We (to find) a new source of investment after our boss (to meet) this businessman.
9. The manager (to talk) to his clients when his boss (to ask) him to make a report.
10. Mr. Brakes (to sign) the contract while my secretary (to make) us coffee.
11. Our enterprise (to make) a good profit after these goods (to advertise).
12. Last year this economical model (to show) us perfectly the situation of the market in our country.

8. Перепишите следующие предложения, подчеркивая в каждом из них модальные глаголы или их эквиваленты. Переведите предложения на русский язык.

You may be a boss in a firm, as you have a very much suitable character for that.

IT engineers must attend our meetings too, otherwise we will have to dismiss them.

Your farm could carry out this production programme with little or no assistance from other farms.

We are to meet and discuss the plan later, as I should consult my management.

John Deere tractor drivers ought to speak at least two foreign languages.

I need employ an assistant, as soon as I can't соре with my work load alone.

9. Переведите текст на русский язык (письменно).

When most people think of agriculture, they perceive it as farmers producing animals and crops. Agriculture is often thought of as "cows, sows, and plows" or "weeds, seeds, and feeds." But agriculture has changed. For years agriculture was farming, as previously stated. Nearly everyone lived on farms, and farmers were self-sufficient. Very few manufactured supplies and materials were available. Today, however, agriculture is a technology-oriented industry that includes production, agriscience, and agribusiness.
Most people who work in the agricultural industry do not work on farms and ranches, but rather they are employed by the feed, seed, farm machinery, fertilizer, chemical supply, and food-processing businesses. There are also many agribusiness workers in finance, distribution, and marketing firms who provide service to production agriculturalists. Agriculture is big business, supplying agricultural production inputs and subsequently producing, processing, and distributing food and fiber.
Agricultural economics has been one of the leading branches of applied economics since the 1920s. Now it is developing rapidly and successfully as it is important for most countries of the world.
In order to understand agricultural economics it is necessary to know how crops are sown, cultivated, fertilized, and harvested, how livestock is bred, raised, fattened, and sold.
One of the main characteristics of agricultural sector is its great dependence on natural conditions, such as climate, weather, soil, etc. Farms of the same type working under different natural conditions are different in livestock breeds, crop varieties, etc.
In developed countries the productivity in agricultural sector including agriculture and processing of agricultural products is being raised as fast as in economy as a whole. The main reasons for rising efficiency are: a) better agricultural technology; b) better capital inputs, such as machinery; c) achievements in biological sciences.