Контрольная An introduction to the tax system


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Контрольная отностельно небольшая. В контрольную входит довольно сложный текст для перевода на русский язык. Чтобы выполнить контрольную работу придется потрудиться. В контрольную работу также входит задание на перевод предложений с русского на английский.


Английский язык. An introduction to the tax system.


Ex. 1. Translate into English.

  1. две ступни
  2. двенадцатый месяц
  3. сто три дня
  4. семь кошек
  5. тридцатый день рождения
  6. шестой выпуск журнала
  7. десять гусей
  8. первый рабочий день
  9. две жены
  10. вторая жена

Ex. 2. Open the brackets.

    1. We live (far) from the center than you.
    2. Moscow is one of (good) cities in the world.
    3. This car is (bad) than that one.
    4. Living in the center of the city is (comfortable) than living in the suburbs. 
    5. Kate is my (good) friend.


Ex. 3. Open the brackets.

  1. James just (to watch) an interesting  film.
  2. Fred (to like) to walk in the forest.
  3. We  (to have) a lot of fun in Spain two weeks ago.
  4. Fred (to meet) a lot of interesting peo­ple in London last summer.
  5. Louis and Evan (to go) home now.




Ex. 4 See exercise 1.4 from Unit 2 

Ex. 1. 4 Translate the following text into Russian

An introduction to the tax system
Tax is how the government raises money to spend on public services, such as education, health and the social security system. Tax is levied on many goods and services in the shape of Value Added Tax (VAT); we pay income tax on the money we earn and it can also be levied on range of transactions, such as inheritance and profit made on the sale of homes or antiquities. Certain types of taxes apply only to certain people - you have to earn above a certain limit to qualify for income tax and if you are self-employed you may be entitled to claim back much of your VAT.
People in full-time employment pay tax through the 'Pay as You Earn' (PAYE) system. National Insurance Contributions are used to fund parts of the welfare state, including pensions and the NHS.
When you first start work you will be given a tax code. Tax codes explain what your allowances for the year are and therefore at what point you start paying tax. It is the individual's responsibility to notify the taxman that they are earning money and to pay tax accordingly. The Inland Revenue will prosecute people if it discovers they have deliberately concealed details of their employment or income.
Self-assessment tax regime is a system shifts the burden of administering tax affairs on to individuals.
It is not a defence to say that you did not know a particular form of income gave rise to a tax liability.
Most forms of revenue are covered by income tax: all financial income from employment (freelance, self-employment etc.) including benefits from an employer, income from property and rent, options, income from property such as rent, interest and other savings, investments.