Контрольная по английскому Andrew Manson


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Контрольная включает в себя два текста для перевода на русский язык. Один из этих текстов имеет экономическую направленность. Чтобы перевести данный текст нужно не только иметь опыт в переводе, но также знать специальную экономическую лексику. Данная контрольная работа имеет не высокий уровень сложности. Эту контрольную по силам решить практически любому студенту.


Английский язык. Andrew Manson Arrives in Blaenavon.


Переведите следующий текст на русский язык

Andrew Manson Arrives in Blaenavon

Late one October afternoon in the year 1921 a young man looked through the window of a third-class compartment in a train running to South Wales. All that day Manson had travelled from the North to the place of his first job. It was already dark when the train came to Blaenavon. He had arrived at last. Taking his bag Andrew Manson left the train and walked quickly down the platform. There was nobody on the platform. Only an old yellow-faced man stood waiting there.
"Are you Doctor Page's new assistant?" he said when Manson approached him.
"That's right. Manson. Andrew Manson is my name."
"I'm Doctor Page's coachman. I'm here to meet you."
On the way to the doctor's house he told Andrew that Page's last assistant had gone ten days before and that the assistant didn't usually stay long.
"Why?" Andrew tried to smile.
"The work is too hard for one thing, I think." "And for another?" "You'll see it yourself."
They were driving through the town. At last they stopped at the door of a
house. The next minute Andrew was in the hall welcomed by a short plump,
smiling woman of about forty with a shining face and bright twinkling eyes.
"Well! "Well! This must be Doctor Manson," she said.
"Come in, my dear, come in. I'm Doctor's wife, Mrs. Page.
I'm pleased to see you. Our last assistant was an awful man. I was simply
happy to get rid of him. But now you are here, and it's all right. I want you to
see your room and to meet Doctor. I don't know if I said so in my letter, but
Doctor hasn't been well for a few weeks."
Andrew looked at her in surprise.
"Oh, nothing serious," she went on quickly, before he could speak. "He'll soon be all right."
When they came into Doctor Page's bedroom, she said: "Here's Doctor Manson, Edward, our new assistant. He has come to say "how do you do!"
Andrew saw an old man of about sixty. One half of his face and the left side of his body were paralysed.
Andrew felt a sudden fear. There was a strange silence.
"I hope you'll like it here," Doctor Page was speaking. Slowly and with difficulty. "I think work won't be too hard for you. You're young." 
"I'm twenty-four, sir," Andrew answered. "This is my first job, but I'm not afraid of work."
Doctor Page said in a tired voice: "I hope you'll stay with us." He took a book from the table beside his bed and began to read, and Andrew understood that the conversation was over.

3AДАНИЕ II. Выпишите из текста пять предложений, содержащих прямую речь.

Замените прямую речь косвенной, сделав соответствующие преобразования

3АДАНИЕ III. Поставьте 8 вопросов к тексту 2 общих, 2 специальных, 2 разделительных, 2 альтернативных

3АДАНИЕ IV Ответьте на следующие вопросы по тексту:

Who arrived in Blaenavon one October afternoon?

Who was he met by?

Page's assistants didn't usually stay long there, did they? And why?

Did Andrew know that his work would be hard?

Why did Andrew feel a sudden fear when he saw Doctor Page?


3АДАНИЕ V. Переведите на англ-яз

Когда поезд прибыл, на платформе никого не было.

Кучер информировал Менсона, что работа ассистента здесь тяжелая.

Жена доктора сказала, что скоро с ним будет все в порядке.

Доктор заявил, что он надеется, что Менсон останется с ним.


ЗАДАНИЕ VI. Запишите прямую речь косвенной
1 "I have to conduct a number of tests", Dr. Peter said.
2. "I must put you, on a very strict diet", she told me.
3. "You are putting on a lot of weight", she said.
4. "You’ve gained 5,5 kilos in 6 months", she added.
5. "You'll get very fat if you go on like this", she told me.
6. "Please, cat very little", she said.
7. "I'll have to live on nuts and water", I said nervously.
8. "Please don't be angry", she said to me.
9. “Will you go to the stadium tomorrow?" he asked me.
10. The policeman asked "Who left, this car here?"

3AДAHИE VII. Переведите на английский язык
1. Он спросил у меня, когда начинается мой рабочий день.
2. Врач не велел мне выходить на работу.
3. Я не думаю, что он будет с вами согласен.
4. Она спросила, приду ли я вечером, и я ответил что приду.
5. Друзья спросили его, был ли он когда-нибудь в Лондоне?
6 Он сообщил, что он собирается поступать в Таможенную академию.

3AДАHИE VIII. Напишите следующие cсуществительные во множественном числе
child, mouse, foot, woman, fish, sheep, knife, roof, leaf, wife, ox

3AДАНИЕ IX. Переведите на англ-яз обращая внимание на выражение принадлежности.

Вчера нас навестили дети наших друзей.

Учитель вернул тетради студентов.

Ты знаешь результаты футбольного матча?

Сын моей сестры учится хорошо.

Друзья моего брата хорошо говорят по-немецки.

Мы выучили слова 10 –го урока вчера.

У вас есть карта Америки?


ЗАДАНИЕ X. Вместо точек вставьте местоимения some, any, no и их производные

Are there ... more potatoes? - Yes, there are ... potatoes in the box.

Is there ... milk in the fridge?

May I have ... tea?

I know ... who can help me.

"What did you usually have for breakfast -" ... I don't usually have… for breakfast.

Have you bought ... sugar?

Do you want ... coffee?


ЗАДАНИЕ XI. Продумайте лексику и напишите сочинение на тему «Мой друг»


In economics, a market is a social structure developed to facilitate the exchange of rights, services or product ownership. Markets enable peoples' services, firms and products to be evaluated and priced. There are two roles in markets, buyers and sellers. The definition implies that at least three actors are needed for a market to exist; at least one actor, on the one side of the market, who is aware of at least two actors on the other side whose offers can be evaluated in relation to each other. A market allows buyers and sellers to discover information and cany out a voluntary exchange of goods or services. This is commonly done through trade. These trades may be handled a variety of ways, but in small market environments, buyers and sellers typically deal in currency, and goods. In everyday usage, the word "market" may also refer to the location where goods are traded, or in other words, the marketplace.
Although many markets exist on the traditional sense—such as a flea market—there are various other types of markets and various organizational structures to assisl their functions.
A market can be organized as an auction, as a private electronic market, as a shopping center, as a complex institution such as a stock market, and as an informal discussion between two individuals.
In economics, a market that runs under laissez-faire policies is a free market. It is "free" in the sense that the government makes no attempt to intervene through taxes, subsidies, minimum wages, price ceilings, etc. Market prices may be distorted by a seller or sellers with monopoly power, or a buyer with monopsony power. Such price distortions can have an adverse effect on market participant's welfare and reduce the efficiency of market outcomes. Also, the level of organization or negotiation power of buyers, markedly affects the functioning of the market. Markets where price negotiations do not arrive at efficient outcomes for both sides are said to experience market failure.
Most markets are regulated by state wide laws and regulations. While barter markets exist, most markets use currency or some other form of money.
Markets of varying types can spontaneously arise whenever a party has interest in a good or service that some other party can provide. Hence there can be a market for cigarettes in correctional facilities, another for chewing gum in a playground, and yet another for contracts for the future delivery of a commodity. There can be black markets, where a good is exchanged illegally and virtual markets, such as eBay, in which buyers and sellers do not physically interact. There can also be markets for goods under a command economy despite pressure to repress them.