Контрольная по английскому языку Another day


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Контрольная работа представляет собой тест по английскому языку. Контрольная работа включает в себя множество заданий. В контрольную входит текст, который нужно перевести на русский язык.


Another Day in the life of the Queen. Английский язык


1. Напишите транскрипцию следующих слов:
tune, fog, bed, seat, pale, hand, here, main, large, rich, type, sole, page, stop

2. Переведите следующие словосочетания:
town library, football match, music school, winter day, class work, sea water,
school hours, picture gallery, bus stop – автобусная остановка, metro station

3. Образуйте множественное число от выделенных существительных и произведите другие изменения в предложениях:
1. His sister has a very pretty child.
2. This man is an accountant.
3. The boy has a white mouse.
4. That woman is our doctor.
5. Take the knife and put it into the box.
6. The book is on the shelf.
7. His foot is big.
8. There is a large factory in this city.
9. This leaf yellow.
10. There is an interesting story in this magazine.

4. Замените существительные с предлогом "of существительными в притяжательном падеже:
- the flat of my mother
the children of my sister Mary
the letter of my friend
the stories of this writer
the younger daughter of my brother
- the house of his parents
the rights of the women
the children of my sisters
the car of my grandparents
the room of her brothers

5. Вставьте вместо пропусков определенные или неопределенные артикли, где это необходимо:
1. We have _ lot of English books.
2. His father is _rather old.
3. My wife is _ economist.
4. My brothers are _ doctors.
5. That was _ good plan.
6. The plans are on _ table.
7. These are_foreign magazines.
8. That is _his wife.
9. I have _ son and _ daughter.
10. Where is _ doctor? He is in his study

6. Заполните пропуски соответствующими предлогами:
1. I get letters _ my parents every week.
2. My father works _ a bank.
3. This boy goes _ school every morning.
4. Put the notebook _ the bag.
5. Take a pencil _ the box.
6. The map is _ the wall.
7. My father-in-law lives _ a new house.
8. Our dog sleeps _ the floor _ the desk.
9. Tom is busy _ his design.
10. He is _ work.
7. Раскройте скобки и вставьте подходящие по смыслу личные и притяжательные местоимения.
1. I often see (they, them) in the street.
2. She lives near (we, us).
3. Who teaches (he, him) French?
4. She sits near (I, me) at the lessons.
5. I know (she, her) quite well.
6. (Его) _ book is not interesting.
7. (Наш) _ son studies at the University.
8. (Их) _ parents were born in Yekaterinburg.
9. (Мое) _ name is Ann.
10. (Их) _ friends often come to see her.
11. Our city is nice. (Его) _ streets are straight and wide.
12. (Ваш) _ dictionary is on that shelf.

8. Раскройте скобки и вставьте подходящее по смыслу местоимение:
1. What colour are (me) pens?
2. (Этот) house is rather old.
3. (Это) is our favourite classroom.
4. (Та) square is large and beautiful.
5. What are (это)?
6. He has (мало) relatives in Yekaterinburg.
7. We have (мало) information.
8. Our new teacher has (много) problems.
9. I want to meet her (сам).
10. (Оба) students study at our Institute.

9. Раскройте скобки и вставьте местоимения "some, any, no" или их производные:
1. There are (несколько) new words in the text.
2. ( Никто) is ready
3. There was (кто-то) at the door.
4. Is there (кто - нибудь) in the office?
5. Have you (какие - нибудь) questions?
6. Take (что - нибудь) to eat.
7. There was (ничего) on the table.

10. Заполните пропуски глаголом "to be" в соответствующей форме:
1. The delegation _ in London last year.
2. Yekaterinburg _ a large industrial city.
3. I _ sure she _ at home now.
4. The flats in this new block_ very comfortable.
5. He _a good sportsman when he _ young.
6. All the students _ present at the last lecture.
7. _ you ready?
8. This young woman _ our English teacher.
9. Why _ you late?

11. Заполните пропуски глаголом "to have (got)" в соответствующей форме:
1. My friend Tom _ a large friendly family.
2. They _ their English lesson last Friday.
3. The group of students _ a very difficult examination last month.
4. They _ a comfortable flat in the centre of the town.
5. The room is large. It _ two windows.
6. He is very busy and he _ no time to think about it.
7. _ you got many friends abroad?
8. Who _the today's newspaper?
9. I _ some English books and journals.

12. Употребите оборот "there+be" в следующих предложениях:
1. Look! _ someone at the front door.
2. _ a lot of students at the lecture now.
3. Don't you see? _ three lamps over the shelves.
4. _ only one window in this old house.
5. _ nobody at home last night.
6. _ twelve months in a year.
7. _ any letters on the table?
8. _ a nice park near your house?
9. How many rooms _ in your flat?
10. How much water _ in the river last spring?

13. Употребите глаголы, данные в скобках, в Present Continuous Tense:
1. Look! It (rain).
2. I have no time to talk with you now because I (work).
3. Don't you see? She (read) a newspaper at the window.
4. Listen! Mary (play) the piano.
5. The weather is good, the sun (shine) brightly.
6. The engineers are very busy because they (test) the engine.
7. He (write) a business letter now.
8. Who (cross) the street over there?

14. Употребите глаголы, данные в скобках, в Present Indefinite Tense:
1. We (read) English texts in class every day.
2. He always (prepare) his homework carefully.
3. The pupils often (play) tennis on Sunday.
4. The student (speak) three foreign languages.
5. The children (go) to the park every afternoon.
6. They (take) a lot of trips together.
7. We sometimes (travel) by car.
8. I (eat) lunch in the cafe every day.
9. He (walk) to his office on weeks-days.
10. She usually (make) a lot of mistakes in her tests.

15. Поставьте глаголы, заключённые в скобки, в Past Indefinite Tense:
1. The film (be) interesting.
2. They (have) a lot of English books when they (be) students.
3. I (take) the dictionary from the shelf.
4. The lecturer (show) us a new map.
5. Harry (know) mathematics well.
6. My friend (do) well at school.
7. The students (translate) a lot of texts.
8. He (close) the door and put (put) the key under the mat.
9. We (open) the windows before classes.

16. Переведите следующие предложения на русский язык:
1. There will be a lot of people at the conference tomorrow.
2. I'll be out tomorrow evening.
3. My parents will be at home next Saturday.
4. My new friend will remember me.

We shall stay at home tonight.


Переведите тексты письменно
Text № 1 Another Day in the life of the Queen
Queen Elizabeth II wakes up at seven o'clock in the morning, has a cup of tea and reads the "Times". Then she has a bath and gets dressed. At eight o'clock she listens to BBC news and has breakfast with Prince Philip. After breakfast she rings up the Queen Mother. Then she reads letters and has an important business consultation with Private Secretary and works at government documents. At one o'clock she has a quick lunch in her private apartment in Buckingham Palace and at two o'clock leaves the Palace to open a new hospital. There she makes speeches, shakes hands and has a cup of tea. At four she is back at the Palace and works in her office.
At five o'clock she receives foreign visitors and then has the final meeting with her Private Secretary. In the evening she goes to St. James's Palace where she has a reception party and talks with a group of businessmen.
At ten she watches television news, reads the official papers and telephones some members of the Royal Family. At about eleven o'clock she goes to bed.
Text № 2 The Daily Life in London
Here we are in Cheapside. This famous London place is only a quarter of a mile long, and yet, there are a lot of business offices and important shops here. The whole street is full of life. Taxi-cabs, motor-vans, lorries, cars and buses pass up and down, from morning till night.
Although there is so much traffic we notice that there is little dust. The roads and the pavements are of stone, and when it rains, there is no mud.
From eleven to one o'clock the traffic is very busy. It is very dangerous to cross the road from one side to the other.
Soon we come to the Bank Square, where the main building of the Bank of England stands on one side of it. Besides there are the important buildings of the Royal Exchange and the Mansion House, the official residence of the Lord Mayor of London.
The busy people who hurry to and fro are businessmen and shopkeepers, but also we notice faces of tourists. They visit the famous public buildings: the Tower of London, St. Paul's Cathedral, the British Museum, the National Gallery, Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, and the bridges over the Themes.
Close to the Houses of Parliament stands Westminster Abbey. In this lovely building we can learn much about the history of England. Most of the kings and queens of England were crowned here.
St. Paul's Cathedral is a magnificent church. Sir Christopher Wren was the designer of many buildings in the City after the Great Fire of London, including St. Paul's Cathedral.
Londoners and tourists enjoy expeditions by steamer down the Thames from Westminster to Greenwich. We pass under the bridges, and see the grim walls of the Tower of London.
It was a fortress and a prison for hundreds of years. When a ship moves under Tower Bridge a bell rings
Our steamer continues on its way to Greenwich. We hear the Greenwich time signal on the radio. Greenwich Time is the standard time.