Контрольная работа Application for work, study


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Контрольная работа имеет всего три задания. Контрольная работа создана по теме написания резюме.


Английский язык. Application for work, study.


Application for work, study

1. Read the text using the vocabulary. Translate it in a writing form.


Any application form is a special form developed by University, Institute, College, Congress or Conference to provide more specific information about the applicants and to formalize all the information about them for better data processing.
The application form usually includes the following sections: general information about the institution, benefits, responsibilities, applicants' criteria, closing date of applications.
The application form usually contains:
1. Personal details (data): family name/ legal name (last, first, middle), title (Mr., Mrs., Miss, Ms., Dr.), sex (male, female), permanent home address, phone/fax number or present address, place and date of birth, martial status (single, married, divorced, widowed), military status.
2. Academic background usually includes all academic qualifications obtained since completing secondary education, stating the institutions attended, the main subjects of study and when the main courses started and finished. Usually the applicants attach photocopies of all relevant academic certificates or transcripts, with accompanying translations into English, if they are issued in another language.
3. Professional background listing all positions held since completing secondary education.
4. Residency issues (citizenship, permanent residence status, previous country of residence).
5. Proposed course of study: What qualifications would you like to obtain, in what subjects? At which institution would you like to study or conduct research? Are you applying for a fully funded scholarship? Often the applicants are asked to attach letters from two referees (both of whom should be professional and academic) in support of the application, sometimes it's necessary to attach the Personal Essays. The Personal Essay provides individualized information about the applicant, his/her ambitions and interests.
6. At the end you can find applicant's obligations while studying. All the application forms should be filled in clearly or typed.


2. Translate the sentences into Russian in a writing form.

1. Have you filled the application form which you got yesterday?
2. I read all the general information about the university, its benefits and my responsibilities.
3. What is the closing date (deadline) for my application?
4. Don't forget to mention your permanent home address and telephone number.
5. What should I write in the section "Military status"?
6. Do you have any academic qualification?
7. I attached the photocopy of my academic certificate to my application form.
8. I'd like to continue my studies and conduct my research work at Oxford University.
9. You should fill in the application form to participate in this international conference.
10. I've got the application form from Oxford University.

3. Answer these questions in a writing form.

1. What is the purpose of the application form?
2. What sections does the application form usually include?
3. What should an applicant write in the section Academic background?
4. Is it necessary to attach photocopies of all academic certificates and transcripts?
5. What information is given in the section "Professional background"?
6. What does the Personal Essay provide?
7. Where does an applicant give his obligations?