Контрольная по английскому языку A.S. Popov


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Данная контрольная работа создана для широкого круга студентов. В контрольной работе представлена лексика общего назначения. В контрольную работу входит текст для перевода на русский язык.


Английский язык. A.S. Popov.


1. Письменно перевести текст на русский язык.


The wireless receiving set or radio is one of the greatest achievements of human genius. Priority in the invention of radio belongs to the Russian scientist Popov. On the 7th of May we celebrate Radio Day because on that day in 1895 the Russian scientist Alexander Popov demonstrated his first radio set to a meeting of the Russian Physical and Chemical Society. A. S. Popov was born in 1859 in the Urals. А.С. While at school he spent all his free time on physics and mathematics.
He studied at St. Petersburg University and graduated from it with honours, but was not satisfied with the conditions of the laboratories of the University and accepted the post of teacher in the Mining School in Kronstadt. There he began his research in electrical engineering. The greater part of his life he devoted to the problem of the application of electromagnetic waves to wireless communication. Popov worked on a sensitive receiving set which could pick up even the weakest radio waves. The year of 1895 is considered to be the date of the invention of the radio when Popov demonstrated his radio receiving set in operation. By the end of the year he improved his apparatus. It was the first radio receiving set in the world. Since then, the art of radio communication has progressed a great deal. Many scientists and inventors made their contributions. The radio has brought great changes to our life. At present the USSR produces equipment for powerful broadcasting and television centres, and for radio-relay stations, electronic computers, radar stations, telecontrol and telemetric systems, and other purposes.

2. Письменно ответьте на вопросы:

1. Who is the inventor of the radio?
2. When do we celebrate Radio Day?
3. Where did A. S. Popov study and work?
4. What problem was he interested in?
5. When was the radio invented?
6. What is the practical use of radio communication?
7. What types of radio sets do you know?

3. Выпишите из текста существительные в единственном числе и поставьте их во множественное число.

4. Выпишите из текста конструкции с предлогом of. Переведите их на русский язык и замените их существительными в притяжательном падеже.

5. Найдите в тексте и переведите на русский язык предложения, в которых употреблены местоимения. Укажите к какой группе они относятся.

6. Выпишите из текста все неправильные глаголы, напишите их основные формы и переведите их на русский язык.

7. Выпишите из текста предложения в настоящем, прошедшем и будущем временах (Present, Past, Future Indefinite Tenses) и дайте их вопросительную и отрицательную форму