Контрольная Australia. The Land of Blue Mountain


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В контрольной работе по английскому языку рассматриваются вопросы: модальные глаголы и их эквиваленты, Participle I и Participle II и их функции и т.д. В контрольной работе есть задание на перевод текста с английского на русский язык.


Australia. The Land of Blue Mountain. Английский язык.


Контрольные английскому


Контрольные по английскому выполняют те, кто изучают английский язык. Чтобы лучше выучить английский язык, необходимо делать больше контрольных работ. Контрольные работы по английскому языку помогают усвоить грамматику и лексику английского языка. Контрольные дают возможность получить опыт в переводе предложений и текстов. Если вы хотите без проблем выполнять переводы текстов, то вам необходимо выполнять контрольные работы.

I. Перепишите следующие предложения, подчеркните в каждом из них глагол-сказуемое и определите его видовременную форму и залог. Переведите предложения на русский язык.
Обратите внимание на перевод пассивных конструкций.
1. Scientists are still discussing the origin of the universe.
2. At the same time they were discussing the results of the experiment.
3. At 11 o’clock Jack will be repairing his car.
4. Stainless steels have successfully made their way into engineering applications.
5. The use of metals had marked of the greatest stages of evolution of man.
6. Tom will have finished the book by tomorrow evening.
7. The conquering Normans were greatly impressed by the industrial efficiency they found in England.
8. The Rolls-Royce motor car is known as the best car in the world.
9. English kings and queens have been crowned in Westminster abbey for about 1000 years.
10. The results of the research are being considered by alternative methods.

II. Перепишите следующие предложения, подчеркните в каждом из них модальный глагол или его эквивалент. Переведите предложения на русский язык.
1. Very soon they will be able to make experiments in the new lab.
2. The classes may be organized by the local education authority.
3. Since the Stone Age, man has found many materials he could work with.
4. You should stop smoking.
5. Every research ought to be interested in the results of his work.
6. We have to finish the article translation by 2.

III. Перепишите следующие предложения; подчеркните Participle I и Participle II и установите функции каждого из них, т е. укажите является ли оно определением, обстоятельством или частью глагола - сказуемого Переведите предложения на русский язык.
1. A series of alloys known as aluminum bronzes possess high strength.
2. Depending upon the kind of metal and the final shape desired, one or more rolling operations may be possible.
3. Every day I see them passing the house.
4. She gave me a drink made of five different fruits.
5. Public schools are supported by state and local taxes.

IV Прочитайте и письменно переведите следующий текст. Письменно ответьте на вопросы

Australia. The Land of Blue Mountains

The Great Barrier Reef on the coast of Queensland is a garden under the sea. There are 1,400 different kinds of fish, and more than 300 kinds of coral. Tropical fruit and flowers grow on the beautiful islands. It's not surprising that more holiday-makers come to Queensland every year.
Tasmania, The island south of Australia, is small. It is the same size as England and very different from the other states. There are no deserts in Tasmania. It often rains, both in winter and summer. Only a half of million people live in Tasmania, and a large part of the island is still covered with wild, beautiful wild forests. These forests are full of wonderful flowers and interesting animals.
In the Northern Territory you will find the red heart of Australia. And it really is red, with red rocks, red sand, and red skies in the evening. Every year, thousands of tourists visit Ayers Rock and a strange group of huge red stones called "the Olgas". But these places are also holy to the Aboriginals. They believe that the land itself has life.
Sydney is the best known place in New South Wales. In fact, it’s the best known place in Australia. But New South Wales has more than cities. There are, for example, the Blue Mountains. They are covered with forests of blue coloured eucalyptus trees. The air above the forest contains millions of microscopic drops of eucalyptus oil. When the sun shines, the air of the Blue Mountais is a real, beautiful blue.
Less then a hundred years ago, there was nothing except sheep in Canberra. But then Australians decided to build a capital city. The Work began in 1913. Now, Canberra is an international city, full of diplomats and government offices. It’s a beautiful place, with parks, lakes, big open streets and fine buildings.
Australia is sometimes called “the lucky country". One reason is the wonderful riches under the earth: gold, silver, iron, coal and many precious metals. The Bass Strait, of the coast of Victoria, has been one of the country's biggest oil fields for many years.
South Australia is the dryest of all the states, but it does have Murrey River. The river brings greenness and life to the southeast corner, in the early of Australian history, the Murrey River was South Australia's main road. Before real roads and railways came, the river carried people and goods from the east up into the country. Some towns on the Murray still keep the old river boats, and visitors can ride on them
There are two kinds of gold in Western Australia. First, there's real kind — the kind that comes out of the ground. Gold was found in Kalgoorlie in 1893, and the "Golden Mile" was for a time the most expensive piece of land in the world. Kalgorlie still exports some gold, but the new gold of Western Australia is wheat. Big farms grow millions of tons of wheat every year, and wheat has become Australia’s second biggest export.

1. How many kinds of fish are there on the coast of Queensland?
2. What grows on the beautiful islands?
3. Where will you find the red heart of Australia?
4. What is the best known place in New South Wales?
5. Why is the air above the forests blue?