Контрольная по английскому Business leaders


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Контрольная состоит из четырех заданий, при этом последнее задание дано в виде теста. Контрольная будет в особенности интересна тем, кто изучает экономику в вузах.

Чтобы решить задания и получить правильные ответы, вы должны повторить некоторые грамматические темы и лексику английского языка.


Business leaders. Английский язык.


Задание 1. Прочитайте и переведите текст письменно.
Business Leaders.
In large organizations, leaders should spend no more than four hours a day in their offices. The rest of the time, they should be out with their people, talking the lower-level employees. They should be travelling widely throughout their organizations.
The best leaders are those whose minds are never closed and who are eager to deal with new issues. Leaders should not change their minds too frequently after a major decision has been made. Executives must take a disciplined approach to their schedules, their post, their telephone calls, their travel schedules and their meetings. Staying busy and working long hours are not necessarily a measurement of leadership effectiveness.
Leaders may run efficient organizations, but they do not really serve the long-term interests of the institution unless they plan, set goals and provide strategic perception. The leader must work very closely with people to help them be creative.
Reliability is something that leaders must have in order to provide stability and strength to organizations. Leaders must not only understand the major elements of their businesses but must also keep up with any changes.
Leaders should be able to look at themselves objectively and analyze where they have made mistakes and where they have disappointed people.

Задание 2. Ответьте письменно на вопросы:
1. How much time should leaders of large organizations spend in their offices?
2. Must they travel widely throughout their organizations?
3. What leaders are the best leaders?
4. The leader must help people be creative, mustn't he?
5. Must leaders analyze their activity?

Задание З. Составьте предложения из данных слов и словосочетаний:
1. Communicator, should be, a leader, a good teacher, and.
2. By, the company, a Board of Directors, run, is.
3. Is, for strategic planning, the Director, and, responsible, making decisions.
4. Are being used, fast, computers, more and more, because, efficient, and, in business, accurate, they, are.
5. To meet, companies, try, of the individuals, the needs, and, desires

Задание 4. Укажите форму глагола, соответствующую данному предложению:
1. The goods produced by this company are of great interest to our market.
a) is b) are c) am
2. The Sellers usually insure the goods against marine risks.
a) insures b) to insure c) insure
3. The firm has developed a new product this month.
a) has developed b) have developed c) developed
4. The prices will be accepted by the company tomorrow.
a) were accepted b) will be accepted c) was accepted
5. Payment was made by the bank yesterday.
a) was made b) has been made c) is made
6. Our economist has just come to Tokyo.
a) will come b) come c) came
7. They will sign a contract tomorrow.
a) will sign b) signed c) has signed
8. The banking system of Russia is headed by the CBR.
a) will be headed b) is headed c) heads
9. The price is too high that we can’t agree to it.
a) am b) are c) is
10. We are sending you our catalogues now.
a) is sending b) are sending c) were sending
11. If we decide the problem, it will be good.
a) decide b) will decide c)decides
12. The engineer checked the machine all day long yesterday.
a) were checking b) was checking c) checked
13. They had made payment by the end of the week.
a) have made b) made c) had made
14. Federal programmes must support small businesses.
a) must support b) may support
15. In 1992 the economic situation in the Russian Federation continued to be very difficult.
a) continued b) be continued c) continue
16. Being a federal state, we have the federal budget, regional budgets and local budget.
a) be b) been c) being
17. There are two main channels for international investment.
a) there is b) there are
18. Investing in Russia gives many opportunities to earn profits and superprofits.
a) gives b) give c) to give
19. Currencies can be bought or sold in the Foreign Exchange Market.
a) can be bought or sold b) be bought and sold c) buy and sell
20. The Central Bank of Russia is taking steps to join the global financial community.
a) am taking b) are taking c) is taking