Контрольная работа Cooking the French way


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Контрольная состоит из шести заданий. Данные задания по английскому языку сможет решить любой студент. Данная работа предназначена для студентов факультетов общественного питания.

В контрольную включен текст по общественному питанию для перевода на русский язык. Чтобы перевести с английского данный текст, нужно повторить слова по соответствующей теме.


Cooking the French way. Английский.


Контрольные по английскому

Контрольные работы бывают разного уровня сложности. Контрольные могут быть низкого уровня сложности и очень сложные.


Task 1. Translate this text. Переведите текст.
Cooking the French way
"The secret of fine French food", said a famous gastronome, "is primarily the careful selection of the ingredients" and this is much in evidence when you watch a French woman shopping. She uses her eyes, nose and fingers, as well as her head, to check quality and compare values before she buys. Having obtained the best possible raw materials the art of the French cooks is then directed to bringing out their full flavour. During the meal several dishes are served one after the other as individual courses, so that you, really taste and appreciate the flavour of each dish. Green salads tossed in oil and vinegar dressing at the very last minute are served frequently, after or with the main course. A midday family meal might start with a sliced tomato salad. Good fresh salad can form the basis for a meal. Not only, is it cooling and light on a hot day, it also contains many of the ingredients important for good health and digestion. And the French are really health conscious. The French divide salads into two large categories: first, the plain salad, consisting of one or more fresh greens with oil, vinegar, salt and pepper, or a single cold cooked or uncooked, vegetable, similarly dressed and second, the combination salad, a mixture of various cold cooked or uncooked ingredients, dressed more elaborately.
"French dressings" are a mixture of oil, vinegar and seasonings. These ingredients do not mix well and dressing must be shaken before use. Suitable oils are olive, peanut and corn.

Task 2. Answer the question. Ответьте на вопросы.
1. What is the secret of fine French food?
2. How are the dishes served in French?
3. What does a midday meal start with?
4. How do the French divide salads?
5. What is the peculiarity of "French dressing"?

Task 3. Translate the following words into Russian. Переведите на русский язык
следующие слова и словосочетания.
То care - care - careful - careless -to take care of smb.
To dress - a dress - dressing – to dress salads
Health - healthy - unhealthy - health conscious
To cook - a cook - cooked - uncooked - cookery book
To mix - mixture - mixed ingredients
To combine - combination - combined - combination salad

Task 4. Open the brackets by using the correct Participles. Раскройте скобки,
используя верную форму Причастия.
1. Green salads (to toss) in oil and vinegar are very important for health and digestion.
2. The French often cooks plain salads (to consist) of one or more fresh greens, seasonings and a single vegetable.
3. The combination salad contains ingredients (to dress) more elaborately.
4. To get a clear idea of French cooking you should watch a French woman (to shop) first.
5. What most typifies (делать отличительным) good French cooking is high quality raw materials (to cook) simply but perfectly.

Task 5. Translate into English. Переведите на английский.
Довести до совершенного вкуса
оценить вкус блюда
сформировать основу еды
освежающий в жаркий день
важно для здоровья
взбить перед употреблением
хорошо смешивать
тщательный выбор ингредиентов
проверить качество сырья (продуктов)
подавать блюда одно за другим

Task 6. Write down the recipe of any (plain or combination) salad. Напишите рецепт любого салата.