Devices Used for Fastening. Контрольная работа.


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Контрольная будет полезна тем, кто изучает технические дисциплины в вузах. Контрольная среднего уровня сложности. В контрольной есть задание на перевод текстов с английского на русский язык.


Английский язык для всех. Devices Used for Fastening.


Помощь с английским


Помощь с английским требуется тем, кто изучает английский язык самостоятельно.


1.  Перепишите  следующие  предложения,  подчеркните Participle  I,  Participle  II;  определите  функции  причастия (определение,  обстоятельство,  часть  глагола-сказуемого). Переведите предложения на русский язык:
1.  The equipment required to carry out laboratory experiments was very complex.
2. A radar to be mounted on lorries and cars has been designed in the USA.
3. Having designed a car radar the engineers started complex tests.

2.  Перепишите  и  переведите  предложения.  Подчеркните предложения с независимым причастным оборотом:
1. Having  summed  up  the  information  about  the  speed  and  distance  of various objects  ahead the computer detects all possible dangers and their nature. 
2. N. Otto having invented the gasoline engine, motor cars got the standard shape and appearance.
3. Cars with internal combustion engines having appeared, the automobile industry began to develop rapidly.

3.  Перепишите  следующие  предложения,  подчеркните герундий; определите функции герундия (функция подлежащего, определения,  обстоятельства,  части  составного  сказуемого, дополнения). Переведите предложения на русский язык:
1. One of the best ways of keeping the speed steady is using a computer for this purpose.
2. On  being  turned  on  the  radar  will  warn  the  driver  of  stationary (неподвижный) objects on the road.
3. The  function  of  the  car  computer  is  detecting  and  summing  up  the information about the road conditions.

4. Перепишите предложения, используя правильную форму глагола. Определите тип  условного предложения. Переведите предложения на русский язык:

1. If the fuel burn out, the engine (to stop). 

2. If traffic (to control) by computers, cars could travel with safety.
3. The results of the experiments would have been much better if he (to use) the new equipment.

5. Прочитайте, перепишите и переведите текст «Transport for Tomorrow»:
Transport for Tomorrow
A decade ago the only thing electronic on most automobiles was the radio. But at  present  sophisticated  electronics  is  playing  a  big  part  in  current automotive research. For example, Ford cars are equipped with an electronic instrument panel that among other things (кроме всего прочего) will calculate how far one can drive on the fuel left in the tank. It will also estimate the  time  of  arrival  at  destination  and  tell  the  driver  what  speed  he  has averaged (какова была его средняя скорость) since turning on the ignition. 
According  to  specialists  these  features  made  possible  by microelectronics  are  only  the  beginning.  Radar may control the brakes to avoid collisions and a display screen may show the car's position on the road.
Recently a radar to be mounted on lorries and cars has been designed in the USA. The radar aerial (антенна) looks like a third headlight placed directly above the bumper. Having summed up the information about the speed and distance of various objects ahead the computer detects all possible dangers and their nature.  A  third  component  in  the  system  is  a  monitor  on  the instrument panel. The radar only observes objects ahead of the vehicle. It is automatically  turned  on  when  the  speed  exceeds  ten  miles  an  hour.  The green  light  on  the  panel  indicates  that  the  system  is  on.  The yellow light warns of stationary objects ahead or something moving slower than the car.
The red light and buzzer warn that the speed should go down. Another red light and sound signal make the driver apply the brakes.


6. Прочитайте, перепишите и переведите текст согласно направлению  подготовки.  Будьте  готовы  перевести  текст без словаря:
Devices Used for Fastening
Many connections in wood structures depend on direct bearing of one member of the structure on another for their strength.  Various simple fasteners are used for constructing purposes. Of them wood fasteners include nails, screws, bolts, anchors and some others. 
Nails are generally made of plain steel. It is of interest to note that steel used for nails is uncoated steel. Practically, nails are sharpened metal pins driven  into  wood  with  a  hammer  or  a  mechanical  nail  gun.  There exist different types of nails. Among them common nails and finish nails are the two types most frequently used for fastening. Common nails have flat heads and are used for most structural connections in light framing constructions. The main property of finish nails is that they are headless. Finish nails are used to fasten finish wood work. 
One can see that finish nails are the same length as common nails. Nails are usually named according to the purpose for which they are used as flooring, roofing, etc. Besides common and finish nails there exists a great variety of other shapes. Face nail is a nail driven through a side of one wood member into the side of another one. 
As to the screw nail it has the form of a spiral. It turns like a screw when it is driven with a hammer. 
Nails that are exposed to rain, snow and fog should be of a corrosion-resistant type.