Контрольная по английскому Diagnostic Test


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Данная контрольная работа по английскому языку по сути является тестом. В этой контрольной работе нужно вставить в текст недостающие слова. Задания также включают работу с английским текстом.


Diagnostic Test. Английский язык.

Знание английского предоставляет человеку новые возможности.


Контрольные по английскому состоят из нескольких грамматических заданий. В контрольные по английскому также часто входят тексты для перевода на русский язык.

Diagnostic Test
1 (50 points)
Read the following conversations carefully. One word is missing in each. Write the missing word in the gap. Note that short forms such as isn't, can't etc. are each one word.
Example: How are you today?
I’m fine thank you.
1 ‘How long has the company _ in business?’ — ‘We opened in 1997.’
2 ‘How _ you get to work every morning?’ —‘Well, usually I go by car.’
3 ‘Are you _ on the new project?’ — ‘Yes, I am in charge of the budget.’
4 ‘He’s left for Brussels on Tuesday.’ — ‘Oh, then he’ll be away for the meeting.’
5 ‘ _ you like to visit our offices?’ — ‘No, thanks. I don't have the time.’
6 ‘He didn’t go to the training course.’ — ‘Well, he should have as he still _ know how the system works.’
7 ‘The phone is ringing.’ — ‘Don’t worry. I _ get it.’
8 ‘She’s been _ for the company for the last four years.’ — ‘I didn’t know she had been here that long.’
9 ‘Have you _ given a presentation before?’ — ‘No. This is the first time.’
10 ‘If the sales_ improve soon, we’ll be in trouble.’ — ‘Yes. But I’m sure they will.’
11 ‘Is it OK if I smoke here?’ — ‘No, I’m afraid you can’t
12 ‘Apparently they _ us to deliver their order before next Tuesday.’ — ‘Well, that won’t be easy.’
13 ‘What _ he been doing for the last few days?’ — ‘I have no idea.’
14 ‘Does he really intend to resign next month?’ — ‘Well, that’s what he said.’
15 ‘What _ you do if you lost your job?’ — ‘I think I could find another one quite easily.’
16 ‘Do you think we _ finish this on time?’ — ‘No way.’
17 ‘How long will it take to get there?’— ‘We should be there by twelve.’
18 ‘_ does she report to?’ — ‘Her line manager.’
19 ‘_ department does he work in?’ - ‘Sales.’
20 ‘_ you agree with what she said?’ — ‘Yes, I think she was absolutely right.’
21 ‘We’re not interested in buying any of their products.’ — ‘I know what you mean. They really are too expensive.’
22 ‘_he joined the company there have been a lot of changes.’ — ‘Yeah. But not all of them have been improvements.’
23 ‘_ fault was it?’ — ‘Actually it was mine. I mixed up the addresses.’
24 ‘Of the two options, _ one do you prefer?’ — ‘l think the first one is the best.’
25 ‘_ the situation has improved, there are still some problems.’ — ‘I’m sure we’ll be able to sort them out in no time.’
26 ‘_ of all we should prepare a plan of action.’ — ‘Right. Then we can decide what skills we need.’
27 ‘Orders for the month are down and as a _ we have had to slow down
production.’ — ‘But I’m sure things will pick up soon.’
28 The company specialises in measurement systems _ produces machines
for all types of testing.’ — They provide the software, too.’
29 ‘Before _ the contract you should get it checked by a lawyer.’ — ‘We’ve already arranged for someone to have a look at it.’
30 ‘_ much would it cost us to rent a new machine?’ — ‘It could work out at under two thousand pounds a year.’
31 ‘Can we meet next Monday?’ — ‘No. I’m afraid I _ be around then.’
32 ‘Six thousand dollars is _ expensive for us.’ — ‘Well, couldn’t we ask them for a discount?’
33 ‘Our products are as _ as any that you can find on the market.’ — ‘I would say they’re actually better than most.’
34 ‘Did they say how long it would take?’ — ‘Yes. It’s going to be much longer _ we expected.’
35 ‘Are _ companies working in the same sector?’ — ‘Yes, but one is more experienced than the other.’
36 ‘What _ happen if we cancelled our order?’ — ‘Well, you’d lose your deposit.’
37 ‘They showed us several different designs.’ — ‘I really liked the _ that had the green logo on it.’
38 ‘How _ do you check your e-mail?’ — ‘I usually look at it first thing in the morning.’
39 ‘Which of the candidates did you prefer?’ — ‘To tell you truth, I didn’t like all of them.’
40 ‘_ extra clause has been added to the contract.’ — ‘Oh really? What does it say?’
41 ‘Fortunately, orders _ across the board last month.’ — ‘Yes. But it wasn’t by very much, was it?’
42 The documents_ filed alphabetically.’ — ‘I know that but in which folder are they kept?’
43 ‘_ results of the survey will be published next week.’ — ‘Oh, I can’t wait to see them.’
44 ‘How long have you known about this?’ — ‘I first heard about it two weeks _’
45 ‘If they hadn’t wasted so much time, they would _ finished by now.’ — ‘Well, it’s easy to say that.’
46 ‘Haven't you finished reading that report _?’ — ‘No, I’m afraid I haven’t even opened it.’
47 ‘He _ has experience of working in Africa.’ — ‘I know, that’s why we’re giving him the job.’
48 ‘In some cases we are prepared to make exceptions. ’_ as?’
49 The new brochure really is very poor.’ — ‘Yes. It’s definitely the _one we’ve produced so far.’
50 ‘Have you seen their rep recently?’ — ‘Yeah. He was here _ week.’

One word is missing from each of the following sentences. Write the missing word in the gap. Compounds count as one word. The first letter is given to help you.
1 People who buy shares in a company are called s_.
2 Companies protect the copyright of their products and ideas through p_.
3 A company owned by another company is a s_.
4 When applying for a job you send a CV and a letter of a_.
5 Companies which specialise in recruitment are called h_.
6 People who apply for jobs are referred to as a_.
7 A choice of products may also be called a r_ of products.
8 Shops and stores are also referred to as retail o_.
9 Large food retailers in out-of-town locations are known as s
10 When a company sells the right to operate a business using its established system or format to another one this is called a f_.
11 A booking may also be called a r_.
12 Managers d_ by giving responsibility to people working in their department.
13 The amount of responsibility depends on the position a staff member holds in the h_.
14 Charges for professional services are also called f_.
15 Banks have many offices or b_ in different areas or towns.
16 M_banks do not deal with the public but with companies.
17 C_is the money used by a particular country.
18 To e_ employees means to give them a greater say in decision-making.
19 R_ products are made from materials that have already been used.
20 On the stock market you can buy b_ which are loans to a company or governments.
21 To i_ shares means to make available to investors units of a company’s capital on the stock market.
22 A t_ is a tax imposed on imported goods.
23 A b_is a shipping document which proves ownership or receipt of goods.
24 In accounting, everything a company owns is referred to as it’s a_.
25 A company’s l_ are everything it owes.
26 A statement of e_ shows how much revenue a company brings into a business.
27 A private company in the US is referred to by the abbreviation I_:
28 When two companies come together to form one company, it is known as a m_.
29 The process of buying goods and services using the Internet is called e-c_.
30 P_ is the term used for a company’s offices and buildings.

Fill in the gaps with one of the words or phrases from the list below. Change the forms of the words where necessary. There are more words than gaps.
quota tariff subsidiary joint venture revenue profit and loss account
entrepreneurs balance sheet brand image merge clash cutting edge
sole traders to monitor slogan invoice licence
losses auditor imperatives rival hurdles
1 We have decided to open a new company by setting up a joint _ with another company in the same line of business as us.
2 When we want to know what our company is worth at any given dates we consult our _.
3 Our _ are worried about our growing market share.
4 We have asked the shippers to send us their invoice as proof that the goods were sent.
5 The _ is checking our accounts for mistakes.
6 The new advertising campaign fits our _ perfectly.
7 We _ with one of our rivals and we now form the biggest software company in the country.
8 Once we get over the initial bureaucratic _, everything will be fine.
9 When negotiating the agreement we must consider the _ of the shareholders.
10 Our sales have increased thanks to our catchy _.
11 The _ shows how much the company is earning through sales as well as the costs and expenses incurred through sales.
12 _ are inevitable between people with strong personalities.
13 We are setting up a _ of the company in Spain, as part of our expansion programme.
14 With fully computerised production we are at the _ of technology.
15 They are making our products under _.

Questions 9-14
• Read this text from a company report.
• Choose the best sentence to fill in each of the gaps.
Multi-Mine’s recent Rights Issue raised ?85 million of direct investment into the Company. This issue has made it possible for the Company to employ a new Chief Executive and to reduce borrowings by ?236 million. The reduction in borrowing has been welcome, as the past year has been one of the most difficult i in the Company’s financial history. The depressed world economy has hurt many ' of Multi-Mine’s businesses in spite of the diversification of the Company.
9_ However, there were positive results from the sugar division, which recorded record profits and will add to Company income. Falling precious metal prices have been of the greatest concern since the Company is one of the world’s largest owners of gold and platinum mines. 10_ But an increase in demand is required.
The Company has tried to find practical and positive responses to the sharp downturn in income. 11_Such sales will continue until the level of borrowing is acceptable to shareholders. To date, these sales have raised ?130 million. In addition, lower interest rates are easing the situation which has caused concern to shareholders. The shareholders, especially those with long¬term investments in Multi-Mine, have also expressed their concern that Multi-Mine has fallen out of the London Stock Market Index of the 100 largest UK companies. 12_
In addition to the Company’s mining operations, Multi-Mine intends to continue to be the largest investor in Africa. 13_Several countries have been able to relax foreign exchange restrictions with the support of the International Monetary Fund. The resulting freer movement of currency will greatly benefit the Company and its subsidiaries in Africa.
Multi-Mine’s hotel group has been the main object of capital expenditure in the last five years. 14_ However, the major part of the programme is complete, with the result that capital expenditure in the following year will fall substantially. This will release funds for a further reduction of borrowing.

A It was particularly serious that during this recession the agricultural sector was badly affected by the worst weather for twenty years.
В One has been to dispose of certain assets.
С This has been due to their hard work and initiative during the last year.
D Company results in this area of the world have always been good and the income achieved for last year has reduced the Company's debts.
E The full potential of the money spent on this property sector has not yet been realised.
F However, reduction in borrowing should ensure that the Company will soon be included again.
G Savings and efficiency in them are improving.
H The Rights Issue, at 85 pence a share, was 10 pence above the market price.

Questions 21-30
• Read the article below about the impact of technology on the environment.
• Choose the best word from the next page to fill each gap.

Business and the environment
These days in business, people have to face many challenging questions when . . .(0). . . and implementing new projects in undeveloped areas of the countryside. One issue which has to be faced is whether it is possible to introduce new technology without destroying the local environment.
Economic . . .(21). . . and environmental' conservation are often seen as natural enemies. It is unfortunate that in the past this has often been true, and it has been necessary to choose between . . .(22). . . the project or protecting the environment. However, by taking environmental considerations . . .(23). . . at an early stage in a project, companies can significantly reduce any impact on local plants and animals.
For example, in southern Africa, a company called CEL was asked to put up 410 km of a power transmission line without disturbing the rare birds which inhabit that area. The project was carried out with . . .(24). . . disturbance last summer. What may surprise many business people is the fact that this consideration for local wildlife did not in any way . . .(25). . . down the project. Indeed, the necessary advance planning, . . .(26). . . with local knowledge and advanced technology,
. . .(27). . . that the project was actually completed ahead of schedule. CEL was contracted to finish the job by October and . . . (28)... to do so two months earlier.
CEL is one of those companies which is . . .(29). . . to the principle of environmental conservation. Many other companies have yet to be . . .(30). . . of the importance of balancing the needs of people with those of the environment. However, it may be the only realistic way forward.
0 А designing В conspiring С drawing D scheming
21 А development В progression С rise D increase
22 А running В dealing С controlling D leading
23 А deeply В gravely С seriously D severely
24 А bare В smallest С least D minimal
25 А turn В slow С speed D hold
26 А tied В combined С added D related
27 А led В caused С resulted D meant
28 А managed В succeeded С achieved D fulfilled
29 А promised В persuaded С convicted D committed
30 А argued В convinced С urged D impressed