Контрольная Economics of Crop production


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Economics of Crop production



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1. Косвенная речь

He said that his sister was lerning to cook.
Nick asked who had taken his pen.
She said that she would go to Moscow.
They ask me where my parents lived.
I asked Peter to open the window.

2. В следующих предложениях определите время сказуемого. Переведите предложения.

a) I was writing the report.
b) They study three languages at the institute.
c) The tourists had visited the old castle during the excursion.
d) She left her school two years ago.
e) My sister will work with money.

I shall not come to see you tomorrow.

3 .Прочитайте и переведите текст

Economics of Crop production.

Crop growing depends directly on the land which is known to be the main means of agricultural production. Yields vary not only with soil fertility but also with climatic conditions such as temperature, light and rainfall.That is why for farmers to obtain high yields they have to maintain and raise the fertility of the soil and to take into consideration the adaptability of the crops to be grown to their climatic conditions.
Since seed germination and crop growth are greatly affected by weather conditions it is highly important to begin planting, cultivating and haversting at a proper time. This requires thorough planning of time and manpower in order to obtain good profit from the farm business.
The production cost in raising crops includes many components, the costs of seed and fertilizers making up the largest share. It also includes the costs of the depreciation of the fixed production assets, the costs of current repairs, the remuneration to farm labourers and management costs. 
Each crop-growing farm will be profitable if the farming system used the utilization of the land to its maximum capacity, the completion of all farm work in optional time, the use of proper cultural practices, the crops best adapted to local conditions and all-round mechanization of all operations. Proper application of all these economic factors required big capital investments. 
4. Ответьте на вопросы по-английски.

What do yields vary with?

Why do farmers raise soil fertility?

Why is it important to begin planting at a proper time?

What are the main components of the production cost in raising crops?

Should the farming system provide the utilization of the land to its maximum capacity?