Контрольная по английскому geyser


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В данной контрольной есть текст, который имеет научную тематику. В контрольной также есть несколько грамматических заданий.


Geyser. Английский.


Контрольные по английскому языку

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1. Перепишите и переведите текст на русский язык.
The geyser pipe is apparently quite irregular, so that bubbles of stream which from at depth are not able to escape to the surface, not is the water able to cool rapidly by convection. If threes bubbles of stream forming at depth raise the water column so that it overflows at the surface, the decreased pressure may cause rapid boiling and the formation of great amounts of super-heated stream which will project the water column with explosive violence. It has been observed that the addition of soar will cause a geyser to erupt more frequently. This may be due to the formation bubbles which lighten the water column and so cause a rapid formation of steam. Most of the ejected water is thought to be surface water which has rum in trough cracks and fissures. However, the high temperature of the rock indicated the presence of recent solidifying magma at shallow depth, and part of the water may come from deeper regions.
In geyser regions hot springs are usually found, and all gradation from hot springs though boiling springs to geysers have been observed. Mud volcanoes are extremely muddy hot springs in which there is mild geyser action.

2. Ответьте на вопросы письменно.
1. What is the geyser pipe?
2. What may be due to the formation bubbles?
3. What is with the ejected water happened?
4. What kind of springs are usually found in geyser regions?

3. Выпишите из текста предложения с глаголом to be.

4. Выпишите из текста предложения в Past Simple Tense.

5. Выпишите из текста предложения в PassiveVoice.

6. Вставьте пропущенные слова.
1. The ... pipe is apparently quite ....
2. It has been observed that the ... of... will cause a ... to erupt more frequently.
3. Most of the ... water is thought to be surface ... which has rum in trough and.
4. In ... regions hot... are usually found,....
5. Mud ... are extremely muddy hot... in which there is mild ... action.

7. Напишите буквами следующие числительные:
30, 85, 22, 573, 256, 1483, 1976, 1857, 3876543.

8. Образуйте степени сравнения следующих прилагательных: ugly, busy, quick, bad, free.

9. Поставьте следующие предложения во времени “Past Simple Tense” и переведите их на русский язык.
1. Every summer Tony and her family (go) on holidays.
2. They usually (stay) in England.
3. She (go) to America.
4. Tony (to be) very excited!
5. She (look) out of the window and she (laugh).

10. Найдите и исправьте ошибки.
1. John has gone skiing yesterday.
2. We went there on car.
3. There isn't no one in the room.
4. Were wears uniforms at college.
5. Do she play the piano?

11. Поставьте вопросы к предложениям.
1. Ellen Pell is over ninety years old. How old .
2. She lives in a village in country with her 5 cats. Where ...?
3. John works at home. Who ...?
4. The people in the village buy stamps, envelopes, newspapers. What...?
5. The red postbox is on the front of door. Where ...?

12. Составьте предложения из данных слов.
1. My/a/mother/of/England/teacher/.
2. Knows/three/she/languages/.
3. From/late/night/till/he/morning/works/.
4. Are/there/with/the/shelves/on/walls/books/.
5. He/well/speaks/English/-.

13. Сделай предложения отрицательными. Напишите перевод.
1. Jane and John live in a new house.
2. John works in the post-office of the town.
3. The post-office is far from their house.
4. The post-office is under the window.
5. John and Jane like their house.

14. Напишите краткий пересказ текста по-английски (7-9 предложений)