Контрольная работа Going through the Customs


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Going through the Customs


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Вариант 1

1. Прочитайте и переведите текст письменно:
Going through the Customs
Customs regulations are on the whole similar in any country of the world and a businessman should know them.
When you get off the plane you go through passport control, where an immigration officer asks you to show your passport. He asks you about the purpose of your visit to .the country and the length of your stay there. You may answer that you have arrived on a business trip for a week. If your passport is in order you go through the customs.
It's not difficult to get through the customs but you'll have to fill in an entry form (customs declaration, declaration form). The customs officer inspects your bags (luggage) and asks if you have things liable to duty, any presents, things for your personal use or money about you. He may inform you about what items are liable to duty and what things you may have duty free. As a rule personal things may be brought in duty free. The customs officer also asks you to put your suitcases (your luggage) on the scales, and if there's some extra weight you'll have to pay extra taxes.
Two special signs are sometimes used to show passengers which way to go through the customs hall: «Nothing to declare» and «Goods to declare». In some countries they have the system of red and green doors. If the visitor has nothing to declare he walks through the green door, if he has goods to declare -through the red one.
In some cases the customs inspector may ask you to open your bags for inspection. It sometimes happens that a passenger's luggage is carefully gone through (examined) in order to prevent smuggling. After you are through with all customs formalities the inspector will put a stamp on each piece of your luggage and wish you to have a good stay in the country.

2. Найдите следующие слова и словосочетания в тексте.
Переведите их на русский язык.
1) customs regulations
2) an immigration officer
3) to get through the customs
4) to fill in an entry form
5) liable to duty

3. Переведите на английский язык словосочетания:
1) недельный деловой визит
2) взвешивать багаж
3) проверять багаж
4) таможенные формальности

4. Ответьте на вопросы:
1. Are customs regulations similar in any country of the world?
2. In what way must you declare what you have brought into the country?

5. Прочитайте информацию:
When you go on business abroad you are to fill in the customs declaration. You are to keep it for the duration of your stay in this country or abroad. It is not renewable in case of loss. Persons giving false information in the Customs Declaration or to customs officers shall render themselves liable under the laws of the country.

Customs Declaration
Full name Ivan Ivanov
Citizenship the Russian Federation
Arriving from the Russian Federation
Country of destination the USA
Purpose of visit__business_
(business, tourism, private, etc.)

With me and in my bag I have:
? Weapons of all description and ammunition:
? Narcotics and appliances for the use
? Antiques and objects of art (paintings, drawings, icons, sculptures, etc.).
? Russian rubles, state loan bonds, lottery tickets
Заполните бланк таможенной декларации на английском языке.

7. Замените придаточные определительные предложения причастными
Образец: The girl who comes to his office is his daughter.
- The girl coming to his office is his daughter
1. All the people who live in this house are students.
2. The woman who is speaking now is our secretary.

8. Замените придаточные предложения времени причастными оборотами (не опускайте союз when).
Образец – When you meet this old man be very polite.
When meeting this old man be very polite
1. When you speak English, pay attention to the order of words.
2. Be careful when you are crossing a street.

9. Раскройте скобки, используя Participle I или Participle II.

1. A fish taken out of the water cannot live.
2. A person taking a sun-bath must be very careful.
3. Taken a dictionary, he began to translate the text.
4. A line seen through this crystal looks double.
5. A teacher seeing a mistake in a student's dictation always corrects it.
6. Seen clouds of smoke over the house, the girl cried: "Fire! Fire!"

10. Выберите из скобок требующуюся форму причастия.
1. The girl (writing, written) on the blackboard is our best pupil.
2. Everything (writing, written) here is quite right.
3. The house (surrounding, surrounded) by tall trees is very beautiful.

11. Выберите из скобок требующуюся форму причастия.
1) Do you know the girl (playing, played) in the garden?
2) The book (writing, written) by this scientist is very interesting.

12. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Present Participle (doing) или Perfect Participle (having done).
1. __________ (to do) his homework, he was thinking hard.
2. __________ (to do) his homework, he went for a walk.

13. Переведите на русский язык, обращая внимание на причастия.
1. The boy lay sleeping when the doctor came.
2. The broken arm was examined by the doctor.

14. Переведите следующие русские причастия и деепричастия на английский язык.
1) приносящий
2) принесенный
3) принося
4) принеся
5) живущий
6) известный
7) сказавший

15. Раскройте скобки, употребляя требующуюся форму причастия.
1. _____________ (to translate) by a good specialist, the story preserved all the sparkling humour of the original.
2. _____________ (to approve) by the critics, the young author's story was accepted by a thick magazine.

16. В следующих предложениях употребите, где возможно, причастия вместо глаголов в личной форме. Изменяйте конструкцию предложения, где необходимо.
Образец - As the book was translated into Russian, it could be read by everybody.
- Being translated into Russian, it could be read by everybody.
1. As we were given dictionaries, we managed to translate the article easily.
2. As soon as I have done my homework, I shall go for a walk.

17. Замените выделенные части предложений причастными оборотами.
Изменяйте конструкцию предложения, где необходимо.
1. When he arrived at the railway station, he bought a ticket, walked to the platform and boarded the train.
2. As he was promised help, he felt quieter.

18. Переведите следующие предложения.
1. Завтра к двум часам мы уже сдадим все экзамены.
2. К тому времени, как вы вернетесь, я уже уеду.

19. Задайте вопросы к следующим предложениям, начиная их с "How long...?". Используйте слова, данные в скобках, в Present Perfect или Present Perfect Progressive.
Образец: I am reading a magazine. – How long have you been reading the magazine?
1. It's our wedding anniversary today, (be married)
2. Did you know that Renata wore contact lenses? (wear, them)
3. Where were you? It's ten past seven, (be, here)

20. Переведите следующие предложения. Используйте нужную видовременную форму.
1. Антон очень упрямый. Он вечно со всеми спорит. Как раз сейчас он спорит с шефом. Они обсуждают новые предложения с раннего утра, но пока ничего не решили.

2. Нина очень много разговаривает по телефону. В данный момент она разговаривает со своим парнем. Они беседуют уже час, но так и не решили, когда они встретятся.

21. Употребите правильную форму глагола в скобках.
1. Mrs. Foster paid the driver and ___________ (ring) the bell. She ____________ (wait) but there ____________ (be) no answer. Everybody ____________ (leave) for the party.

22. Употребите правильную форму глагола в скобках. Переведите текст.

A Night Accident
One night I woke up (1) in the middle of the night as I heard (2) a slight noise. I felt (3) sure that someone standing (4) outside my bedroom door. I was awfully sorry now that I had not locked (5) it before going to bed. As I hurried (6) to lock it, I called "Who's there?" There was a strange sound, then I heard that someone running (7) upstairs. My curiosity made me open (8) the door, and I found (9) the corridor full of smoke which was coming (10) from Mr. Rochester's room. I understood that someone had set (11) fire to the house. I forgot (12) all my fears and ran (13) into the master's room. He was sleeping (14). Everything around him was in flames and smoke. I threw (15) some water to wake him up and to put out the flames. I explained what I had seen (16). He was thinking (17) for a few seconds. "Jane, I have been watching (18) you all this time, and I can't help admiring you!" he said (19). "If we do not hurry (20) now, it will be (21) too late. I will call (22) the servants, sir?" I asked. "No, do not do (23) it," he answered. "If Adele hears (24) something and wakes up (25), she will frighten (26). I am glad that you are the only person who knows (27) about it. And thank you! You have saved (28) my life a second time."
(After Charlotte Bronte)