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Use the required form of the infinitive after can ( could ) in the following sentences.

1. Her face was quite unlined and she could ( to be ) more than thirty.

2. I am wondering if something can ( to do ) about it.

3. It is impossible. He can not ( to do ) it.

4. There was not anything wrong with tea. There could not ( to be ).

5. He could not ( to hear ) the news at dinner because his sister had not arrived yet.

6. I can easily ( to walk ) to the railway station.

7. For several seconds he stared at her, terrified . " I can not ( to stand ) it any longer," he said.

8. She can not (to tell) you that I do not believe you.

9. What is not done today, could ( to do ) tomorrow.

10. There was nothing he could ( to do ) about it at the moment.

11. Can she (to do) so cold to this little creature?

12. The windows were open, and the scent of roses could ( to smell ).

13. Ann tried to imagine what an unserious talk could (to be) like.

14. She was so tired, she could not ( to make ) herself to go upstairs to dress.