Контрольная по английскому Horizontal Dimension


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Horizontal Dimension: Responsibility Areas


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I. Translate the text.

Horizontal Dimension: Responsibility Areas

In addition to their vertical differences, managerial jobs differ on a horizontal dimension that relates to the nature of the area of responsibility involved.
The three major types of horizontal differentiation among managerial jobs on the basis of responsibility area are functional, general, and project managers.
Functional managers are managers who have responsibility for a specific, specialized area (often called a functional area) of the organization and supervise mainly individuals with expertise and training in that specialized area. Common specialized, or functional, areas include finance, manufacturing or operations, marketing, human resources management, accounting, quality assurance, and engineering.
General managers are managers who have responsibility for a whole organization or a substantial subunit that includes most of the common specialized areas within it. In other words, a general manager presides over a number of specialties or functional areas (hence the term «general»). General managers have a variety of titles such as «division manager» and «president», depending on the circumstances. A small company usually will have only one general manager, who is the head of the entire organization. Depending on how it is organized, a large company may have several general managers (in addition to the chief executive officer).
Project managers are managers who have responsibility for coordinating efforts involving individuals in several different organizational units who are all working on a particular project. Project managers usually must have extremely strong interpersonal skills to keep things moving smoothly.
Project managers are frequently used in aerospace and other high-technology firms to coordinate projects, such as airplane or computer project development. They also are used in some consumer-oriented companies to launch or stay on top of market development for specific products such as cookies or margarine.

II. Answer the questions.
1. What do functional areas include?
2. What does a general manager preside over?
3. Why must project managers usually have extremely strong interpersonal skills?

III. Translate the sentences, ask questions.
1. Some typical titles include such words as «manager», «director of», «chief», «department head», and «division head». (3)
2. General managers have a variety of titles, such as «division manager» and «president», depending on the circumstances. (3)

IV. Fill in necessary words, translate.
Productivity, the primary goods and services, labor, customers, goods and services, organizational goals, hotel managers, plan managers

1. The operations management function (OMF) would include _.
2. The operations management function is the part of the organization that is involved in producing _.
3. The operations management functions in the hotel business include _.
4. Whether an organization produces a service or a product, operations managers need to be acutely concerned about _.
5. Effectiveness relates to the extent to which performance reaches _.
6. Productivity can be a useful tool for managers because it helps them track progress toward the more efficient use of resources in producing _.
7. A productivity approach considers the total output relative to a specific input, such as _.
8. Products can be shipped to _.

V. Match the words and make five your own sentences using the words.
overall strategy - подход
achievement - благоприятный
mission - достижение
to maintain - задача
favorable - медлительность
aging product time - поддерживать
outdated packaging - всеобщая стратегия
slowness - устаревшая упаковка
approach - рабочий план
work agenda - устаревший ассортимент

VI. Using your textgive the examples of

- sentences with modal verbs:

- sentences with passive voice:

VII. Write the figures in words.
-01.01.2006 (date)
- 27.06.2001 (date)
- 500 ?
- 2500 €
- 5,6 %