Контрольная по английскому HOW BOOKS ARE MADE


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Контрольная включает несколько заданий. В основном задания связаны с переводом текста с английского на русский язык, но также в контрольную включены и грамматические задания. Для успешного выполнения работы мы рекомендуем повторить пройденные грамматические темы.




Контрольные по английскому

Контрольные по английскому языку обычно не так сложно выполнить. Главное, это выучить определенные слова и выражения, а также выучить грамматические правила. Контрольные работы по английскому языку показывают уровень знания студента.

1. Прочитайте и письменно переведите текст.


1. When a publisher has accepted a manuscript from an author, he must get it printed. He has to have many copies of the book ready for distribution to booksellers, libraries and individual readers.
2. All printing production can be divided into four major divisions. These are: art-and-copy preparation, the conversion of the art-and-copy into printing carriers, presswork, and binding and finishing operations.
3. The preparation of art-and-copy must be undertaken with a view to the method in which a specific job will be produced. Most printing jobs are done by combining several, and often many, units for a press rum. The arrangement of units for presswork is known as the imposition or layout of a given job.
4. Assembled image carriers consisting of many different units are mainly found in relief printing. The original material can be of a great variety, including individual type characters, slugs of type, and possibly even type made of wood (which is used in larger sizes only), photoengravings, image carriers made by hand, engravings on linoleum, metal, rubber and wood. Some original materials can be used in the press only, others, and these include type, photoengravings, and electronic engravings, are assembled especially for the making of duplicate plates (stereotypes, electrotypes, rubber plates, plastic plates).
5. Presswork produces the printed image which is the real object of all graphic arts production, presswork, therefore, is the most important stage of every printing method.
6. The printed material may need a long series of production steps before it becomes suitable for its end-use. These steps consist often in the binding, covering, trimming, they may include surface treatments such as varnishing or laminating with plastics, and a variety of other finishing procedures. The only way to learn more about this is to visit a print shop. Such visit is unquestionably a worth-while experience which can be recommended to anyone interested in bookmaking and graphic arts.

2. Выпишите из текста и переведите все словосочетания, содержащие причастия:
а) "левым" определением; б) с "правым" определением.
Пример: a) improved technology - усовершенствованная технология
press used - используемый пресс
б) finishing treatment - завершающая обработка

3. В следующих предложениях определите, каким членом предложения является причастие. Переведите предложения.
Пример:The first cylinder press invented by Friedrich Koenig was used by the "London Times".
Первая плоскопечатная машина, изобретённая Фридрихом Кёнигом, использовалась газетой "London Times".
Invented - определение; used - часть сказуемого.
1. Type made of wood is made in large size only.
2. Anyone interested in Graphic Arts must visit a Print Shop.
3. He saw some people working in the Print Shop - hand compositors, make-up men, machine operators and programmers.

4. В следующих предложениях определите, каким членом предложения является инфинитив. Переведите предложения.
Пример: То develop a new printing press is not an easy task.
Разработать новую печатную машину - нелёгкая задача.
То develop - подлежащее.
1. Signals to be measured must be strong enough.
2. To obtain the reliable data it is necessary to make a lot of experiments.
3. The professor asked the students to make the experiment.
4. To obtain these data is necessary for our future work.

5. Переведите предложения, обращая внимание на герундий.
1. Supercomputer is able of performing one billion operations a second.
2. It is difficult to solve some of the present day scientific and technological problems without using supercomputers.
3. Overcoming these difficulties is not so easy as it may seem.
4. Putting the discovery into practice sometimes requires more effort than making it.