Контрольная по английскому языку I think Tina


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Контрольная включает несколько заданий. Контрольная будет полезна всем, кто учит английский. Задания простые. Каждый студент может без труда выполнить данную контрольную работу.


I think Tina. Английский.


Контрольные по английскому

Контрольные выполняются всеми студентами вуза. Чем лучше выполнена контрольная работа, тем лучше знания студентов.


I. Раскройте скобки, поставив глагол в Present Continuous или Future Simple: I (not come) to the plant tomorrow.
1) I think Tina (go) on business to Italy next week.
2) ... you (have) talks the day after tomorrow?
3) Maybe. I (stay) at home next Sunday.
4) The representatives of Simpson and Co. (not arrive) tonight.
5) Do you think you (sign) the contract next Friday?
6) Who (leave) for London this afternoon?
7) When you (meet) Mr. Bell?
8) He (not work) today.
9) I am sure their manager (come) to our office tomorrow.

II. Поставьте следующие предложения в отрицательную и вопросительную формы:
1) The Managing Director told us about the change of his plans.
2) My boss phoned me yesterday.
3) We were on a business trip last month.
4) They have just discussed the terms of the contract.
5) The secretary has sent the documents by air mail.
6) In June we will produce two new models.
7) They will accept our offer.
8) The hotel was very expensive.
9) They had a meeting the day before yesterday.
10) The plane for Moscow left on time.

1. Nowadays insurance payments, as a rule, (to make up) an important part of the family budget in the USA.
2. The recession (to cause) a slowdown in the sale of new cars recently.
3. The shareholders (to have) a meeting tomorrow from 5 to 6.
4. The use of credit (to increase) our income last month.
5. I (to invest) some more money next year to expand my business.

III. Составьте предложения с модальными глаголами:
Образец:: you/ to/ write/ a letter/ can/ Mr. Dunn/ now? - Can you write a letter to Mr. Dunn now?
1) look through/ every/ the secretary/ morning/ must/ the mail.
2) now/ with/I/ make/ can't/ Mr. Green/ an appointment.
3) they/ the talks/ must/ at 11/ begin.
4) the room/I/ leave/ may?
5) show/ our/ can/ Mr. Blake/ you/ quotation?
6) he/ must/ the office/ go/ to/ day/ every?
7) study/ catalogue/ may/ this/I?
8) send/ mustn't / the contract/ you/ today
9) discuss/I/ now/ can't/ the matter.
10) invite/ the businessmen/ you/ to/ may/ the conference room.

V. Перепишите следующие предложения, переведите их на русский язык.
1. Western credit system has penetrated into everyday life and into the budget of the average American family.
2. The company will get a loan from the bank to pay for the machines it is going to buy.
3. Britain has one of the most efficient agricultural industries in Europe and produces 60 per cent of its food.