Input, process, store, output


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Контрольная предназначена для тех, кто изучает информационные технологии. В контрольную входит текст по информатике, который нужно перевести с английского на русский язык.


Input, process, store, output. Контрольная.


Контрольная. Заказать

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I. Прочтите и устно переведите на русский язык I – 4-й абзацы текста. Перепишите и письменно переведите I – 3-й абзацы.
Input, process, store, output
1) There are four that any computer uses in doing its job. These are inputting of data into computer, processing of the data that has been input, storage of data and production of some kind of useful output.
2) In business computers, this four-step process is very easy to see. In order to produce a bill for a customer, we would have to input the information about what the customer bought. Once all of this information had been input, the computer would process this information and would print the information for the customer’s bill. Throughout this cycle, the computer would be storing the data that had been input, the data produced during intermediate processing steps, and the data being printed out. Apart from processing data, computer systems are being increasingly used to store data; such storage has the advantage of allowing data to be rapidly retrieved.
3) In manufacturing, computers are used to control robots. If you think about it, any robot has to use some sort of a computer as the basis for its “intelligence”.
4) If we were to build a robot to be used in the assembling of automobiles, and if our robot had for this process would be input into computer. In addition, the robot would still have to be able to determine where the car and the wheel were.
5) Various types of sensors, such as a television camera, would enable the robot to “see” the position of the wheel and the car. In this case, we would not have to type information into computer for the robot to act. We do have to have some means of getting the data into the computer, like a television camera. If we were to build this robot correctly, it would use the television camera to tell where the car was, where the wheel was, and even where the lug nuts were. The television camera would be the input.

2. Выпишите из 4-го абзаца предложение, содержащее инфинитив в функции определения и переведите его.

3. Прочтите 5-й абзац и вопрос к нему. Из приведённых ответов укажите правильный ответ.
What enables the robot “to see”?
1) computer system
2) television camera
3) printer