Чтобы заказать решение этой работы, напишите нам по электронной почте. Цена 200 руб. Адрес эл. почты указан в рубрике "Контакты". Чтобы заказать любую другую работу: контрольную или тест, также напишите нам по эл. почте. Онлайн тесты сначала выполняются, а потом оплачиваются. Контрольные по английскому служат проверке знаний.

Контрольная создана для тех, кто учится на экономических факультетах. Контрольная довольно сложная. Чтобы решить эту контрольную работу без ошибок, необходимо очень хорошо знать грамматику английского языка. В контрольной есть текст со специальной экономической лексикой, который нужно перевести с английского на русский язык.


INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS. Контрольная по английскому.


Перевод текста

Когда вы выполняете контрольную работу по английскому языку, часто приходиться переводить английские тексты на русский язык. Чтобы правильно переводить английские тексты, необходимо хорошо знать лексику и грамматику английского языка.


I. Прочитайте и постарайтесь понять следующий текст.
Mr Smith, a representative of White & Co, visited the International Exhibition of Agricultural Machinery "Tractors" which was held in Moscow. He was impressed by the latest Model of tractor, which was exhibited at the Russian pavilion. As his company was interested in buying tractors of that type, Mr Smith got in touch with Soyuzexport to negotiate the purchase of the model.
Smith: Can you supply1 us with this model of tractor?
Ivanov: It depends on the time. When do you require them?
Smith: In the first half of October.
Ivanov: Unfortunately we shan't be able to deliver them until the end of the year.
Smith: Well, we accept your time of delivery. And now I'd like to hear your price.
Ivanov: It's $ ... per unit CIF London. The price includes export packing.
Smith: Mr Ivanov, can you give us a discount if we increase our order?
Ivanov: I think we can. I promise to look into the the matter2 tomorrow, and let you know our reply.

II. Замените все предложения, данные в прямой речи, предложениями в косвенной речи. Предложения переведите.

III. Измените данные ниже предложения по следующему образцу. Полученные предложения переведите.
A lot of business letters are translated at our office. A lot of business letters were translated at our office. A lot of business letters will be translated at our office.
1. He is often sent on business abroad. 2. What questions are discussed during business talks? 3. Payment is made against shipping documents. 4. Are tickets for planes booked in advance?

IV. Измените данные предложения, используя страдательный залог. Полученные предложения переведите.
Образец: We have reserved accommodation for Mr Camp. Acommodation for Mr Camp has been reserved.
1. I have not paid the bill. 2. Have they booked tickets to the theatre? 3. We had established business relations with the firm by the mid 1980s. 4. They serve breakfast from eight to eleven at this hotel. 5. The secretary showed Mr Black into the President's office. 6. Will the manager sign the necessary documents on time?

V. Переведите следующие предложения, обращая внимание на пассивные конструкции, характерные для английского языка.
1. The luggage has been brought in. 2. The director told them the contract had been gone through. 3. The terms of the contract are often referred to. 4. The declaration was filled in a few minutes ago.

VI. Переведите следующие предложения, содержащие конструкцию the Complex Object.
1.We would like your company to deliver the goods promptly. 2. Our manager expected them to inform us of the contract terms. 3. I’ve seen the secretary come into the office some minutes ago. 4. They heard the engineers discuss the performance of the machine. 5. He wanted us to do the sights of London.

VII. Прочитайте и постарайтесь понять следующий диалог. Выпишите и переведите предложения, содержащие конструкцию the Complex Object.
Ivanov: Good morning, Mr Brown.
Brown: Good morning, Mr Ivanov. Glad to see you. You know, Mr Bell wanted me to talk to you about the price. We expected it to be lower. Your competitors are quoting lower prices.
Ivanov: You are partly right. The price is high because we have developed special features in our computers to satisfy market demands. And we can guarantee the high reliability of the computers.
Brown: That’s right. But we would like you to give us a 4% discount.
Ivanov: If you increase your order to ten computers we’ll be able to give you a 2% discount off the price.
Brown: I’m afraid the discount is too small.
Ivanov: Well, Mr Brown, I’d like to discuss this matter with my people and after that I’ll be able to give you our final reply.
Brown: Good.

VIII.Переведите следующие предложения, обращая внимание на специфику перевода Participle II.
1. The company provides the goods quoted in the offer. 2. They expect to receive the computers ordered at the exhibition. 3. We developed special features in our model proposed by you. 4. They studied the contract signed by Mr Brown. 5. The rooms booked in advance were comfortable.

XI. Прочтите и переведите текст; обратите внимание на перевод Participle II и Participle I.
Dear Sirs,
About this time every year, we have to revise our export prices.This is made necessary by the increased costs from the factories which we have to take into account over the last six months. As a result, we now enclose a copy of our export price-list which becomes valid immediately.
We are also pleased to enclose our new catalogue and price-list covering our latest models and we should like to draw your attention to three new items: 1, 2, 3.
All these three items will be exhibited for the first time at the European International Spring Fair from March 5th to 9th on stands Nos. 10, 11, 12.
We thank you for your support in the past and hope to be of service to you in the future.
Yours faithfully,
Thomas & Co.

Укажите, в какой функции употреблено increased:
а) в функции сказуемото в Past Indefinite,
б) определения.
Укажите, в какой функции употреблено covering:
а) часть сказуемого в форме Continuous,
б) определения.

X. Переведите текст.
The international corporation or global company has its origin. Usually it is the outgrowth of the great trading companies of the 17th and 18th centuries. In 1811 a New York statute said corporations could be created by the filing of documents. After that it became a matter of bureaucratic operations to become a corporation. By 1850 it was a very common thing in the United States and was under general statute in European countries as well. Since that time the corporate movement began. As the jet plane, satellite communications and computers began, it became possible for a company to control business in all the world.
The growth of international corporates operations is faster than the economic growth of the industrialized nations. This trend for internationalism presupposed some benefits such as new jobs, higher living standards and the closing of the gaps between people – economic, educational and technological. At the same time serious questions can be asked. Is it the most efficient way to use world researches? Can the international corporation be the best force for a better world? Is it politically stronger than government? And in what way can the global company work toward easing the worlds crises – monetary, political, energy and food?

XI. Задайте специальные вопросы к подчеркнутым в тексте словам(6 вопросов).