Iris Murdoch


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Контрольная небольшая и несложная. В контрольной кроме грамматических заданий есть задание на письменный перевод с английского на русский. Контрольная работа по английскому включает семь заданий.


Iris Murdoch. Контрольная по английскому.


Перевод текста.

Студенты, выполняющие контрольные работы, часто выполняют перевод текста. Чтобы перевести текст с английского на русский язык, необходимо пользоваться словарями и различными пособиями.


I. Перепишите следующие предложения, поставив глагол в скобках в нужном времени (the Past Indefinite Tense, the Present Continuous Tense, the Past Continuous Tense или the Future Indefinite Tense). Переведите предло­жения на русский язык.
1. I (see) John last month.
2. Yesterday he (fall) asleep when he (watch) TV.
3. He (take) an exam next week.
4. My father (leave) the job five years ago.
5. He (do) his lessons, don't disturb him.
6. I (speak) to her as soon as I see her.

II. Перепишите следующие предложения, употребляя вместо глаголов в скобках the Present Indefinite Tense или the Future Indefinite Tense. Помни­те о правилах употребления времен в придаточных предложениях времени и условия. Переведите предложения на русский язык.
1. If you (go) to the library, bring me some book to read.
2. The child (catch) cold if he (stay) out in such beastly weather.
3. If you (not speak) English every day you (not master) it.
4. Provided the weather (be) good, there (be) a football match today.
5. Unless you (read) this writer's books you (have) no idea how good he is.

III. Перепишите следующие предложения, переведите их на русский язык, подчеркните в каждом предложении модальный глагол или эквива­лент модального глагола.
1. She could sing well before she got a sore throat.
2. You may go for a walk, but don't forget about the time.
3. I can type twenty words a minute.
4. You must taste my cake, it's so tasty.
5. I had to go to bed late yesterday.
6. He was not able to come.
7. I think that he will be able to come on time.
8. She is to take the children to the doctor today.
9. Readers may not borrow more than five books at a time.
10. Some birds can swim under water.

IV. Перепишите предложения, заполните пропуски необходимыми неопределенными местоимениями или наречиями.
1. Don't tell me _. You're late again!
2. Did you read _ book by Iris Murdoch?
3. Give me _ tea, please.
4. _ should go for the doctor.
5. Let's decide on _ - shall we go to the country or to the relatives' on weekend?

V. Перепишите и письменно переведите текст.

Iris Murdoch
(born in 1919)

Iris Murdoch was born in Dublin of Anglo-Irish parents. She attended school in Bristol, and studied classics in Oxford. During the war she worked in Belgium and Austria. She also studied philosophy in Cambridge, and then in 1948 she returned to Oxford where she taught philosophy. She received recogni­tion all over the world with her novels «The Black Prince», «The Sea, the Sea» «The Bell», «The Sandcastle». She wrote about 20 novels.
Her novels are famous not only for the intriguing plot that sometimes is almost detective, but also for the masterful literary invention of characters. Her novels are individuals, about individuals, essentially comic, essentially sad, tell­ing of the secrets which ordinary life conceals, and formulating deep truths about human society and the human soul. Iris Murdoch's novels tell us the story of a human soul combining a fine sensibility with a sharp mind.
One of the best novels by Iris Murdoch is «The Sandcastle». It tells a story of a college professor who falls in love with a young teacher of art who comes to the college to paint a portrait of the dean. The writer masterfully shows how the man starts seeing life from a new angle, how colours and forgotten dreams come into his life again. His feeling is at the same time poetic and shy, romantic and full of joy. Nevertheless, all his dreams are ruined, the painter leaves, and he has to face the grim reality of his everyday life, as he lacks courage to change his life. So, reality and fantasy, absurdity and tragedy come together to form an en­trancing novel of rare vitality.
Iris Murdoch is an excellent entertainer, she can tell a story, catch the at­mosphere and portray a character skillfully. Her place in literature is with the greatest writers of England.

VI. Ответьте на вопросы по тексту.
1. Where did Iris Murdoch study?
2. Why are her novels famous?
3. How does «The Sandcastle» end?
4. Why is her place with the best English writers?

VII. Переведите письменно текст.

How to Save Endangered Languages

No language will survive unless there is sympathy from on high - I mean national government in terms of the constitution, offering safeguards to the community, local government interest, school structures, and so on and so forth.
And one more thing there has to be, to preserve a language, is expertise. There have to be people who can analyze the language, write the grammars, write the dictionaries, record the stories, put down on paper and on tape the life of the language, so that it can be taught. This means there have to be teachers, good teachers, teacher training, and materials provided by publishers. That's quite a costly business. I estimate that it probably costs about US$200,000 per language to get the foundation of a language established so that it can be the basis of a maintenance programme of some kind. Which sounds like a lot of money, but if you multiply it by 3,000 languages which are in danger, it is still less than a billion dollars - and a billion dollars is less than probably half an hour of Bill Gates' earnings!