It's raining


Работа дана в ознакомительных целях. Поможем решить любую контрольную или тест по английскому. Чтобы сделать заказ пишите сюда:

Эта контрольная работа по английскому языку по существу является тестом. Эта контрольная среднего уровня сложности (intermediate). Чтобы выполнить эту контрольную работу, необходимо выучить некоторые грамматические темы.


It's raining. Контрольная по английскому.


Тесты по английскому

Тесты по английскому языку обычно решают студенты первых курсов вузов. Тесты определяют уровень знаний студента по английскому языку. Чтобы выполнить тест начального уровне, не нужно много знать, а вот если вы хотите выполнить тест высокого уровня сложности (advanced), вам придется постараться.


Question forms
1) Making questions with auxiliaries
Write Yes /No questions for these sentences.
EXAMPLE She's French. Is she French? 

It's raining. _________________________________________________
They're at school._____________________________________________
They're learning English._________________________________________
You're tired._____________________________________________________
She was at home last night.__________________________________________
I'm right._______________________________________________________
He was born in 1960.________________________________________________
We're going to see Jim._________________________________________________

2) Making questions with do / does / did
Write Yes/No questions for these sentences.
EXAMPLE You like music. Do you like music?

She comes from France._________________________________________________
They live in a flat._______________________________________________________
You take sugar in tea._____________________________________________________
I speak English well._______________________________________________________
She watched a film last night.________________________________________________
It started at 8.00._________________________________________________________
You want to go home.______________________________________________________
He works hard.____________________________________________________________

Present Simple
3 ) Present Simple positive
Complete the sentence with a suitable verb.

She plays tennis every day.
My daughter____________ French and German.
Jed's a pilot. He ____________ all over the world.
Actors___________ in hotels a lot.
Stephanie___________ to work by bus.
He___________ television every evening.

7 I_ from Australia.
4 )Present Simple negative
Write negative sentences.

I / not like skiing. I don't like skiing.
They / not live / Scotland.__________________________________________________________

3 He / not write letters every day.________________________________________________________
4 We / not have / car.___________________________________________________________________
5 Eric and Lina / not like getting up._________________________________________________________
6 Rachel / not smoke.___________________________________________________________________________
7 It / not cost 50p.______________________________________________________________________________

5) Present Simple questions
Write questions for these answers.
1 Where does he work?He works in a bank.
They get up at 6.30.
She speaks Spanish and Portuguese.
I live in Manchester.
We finish school at 4.00.
I work in a bank.
She has coffee and toast.

) Making questions

Write questions for these answers.
1 Why / get up?
Why did Russell get up?
Because he wanted to go to the toilet.
2 Where / his parents?
_..................................................................................................................... ?
They were in bed.
3 Why / go downstairs?
________________________________________________ ?
Because he heard a noise and saw a light on.
4 How many men / find?
________________________________________________ ?
5 What/tell him?
________________________________________________ ?
They told him they were friends of the family.
6 Where / keep / her purse?
________________________________________________ ?
In a drawer in the kitchen.
7 How much pocket money / give them?
________________________________________________ ?
8 When / they / finally leave?
________________________________________________ ?
At 4 a.m.
9 When / find out about the burglary?
________________________________________________ ?
The next day.
10 When / catch / the two burglars?
________________________________________________ ?
Last week.

8) Short answers
Answer the questions about Russell Use short answers.
Did Russell disturb the burglars? Yes, hedid_
Did he know they were burglars?__________________
Did his mother keep her purse in the kitchen?
Did Russell open the door for the burglars?_____
Was Russell's father angry with him?__________
Answer these questions about you.
Did you do your homework yesterday?________
Did you go out last night?__________________
Did it rain yesterday? 

Past Simple
9) Regular and irregular verbs
Complete the sentences. Put the verbs in brackets u the Past Simple.
I started (start) school when I was four.
I___________ (work) until 8.00, and then i
__________ (meet) some friends and we
__________ (go) to the cinema.
3 She___________ (sell) her old car and
__________ (buy) a new one.
_______ (play) tennis in the morning, but
4 I __________ (rain) in the afternoon so I
__________ (study) for my exams.
5 Last week we____________ (drive) to Edinburgh

and 6 I__

(visit) our grandparents.
(lose) my umbrella last week – I______ (leave) it in the bank and someone______ (steal) it.
7 He___ (retire) and______(move) to the country.

10) Past Simple negative
Make the verbs negative.
He went to Thailand. He didn't go to Thailand.

They won a holiday in the Caribbean.
We were at home yesterday.

Dickens wrote sixteen novels
Columbus was born in Genoa.

She spent a week in the Alps.

I brought you a present.