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Контрольная по английскому имеет высокий уровень сложности. Контрольная нацелена на проверку знаний студентов.


It was a pleasure. Английский язык.


Контрольные работы для студентов различных специальностей

Студенты практически всех специальностей выполняют контрольные работы по английскому языку. Контрольные необходимо делать, чтобы закреплять пройденные темы.


Задание 1
Вставьте предлоги, где это необходимо.
1. It was a pleasure to meet you … (1) the Trade Fair (2) last month. 2. … (3) to unforeseen problems, we are unable to deliver your order … (4) time. 3. We expect to be back … (5) normal (6) the end of this month. 4. I am sure that you will receive the goods … (7) three weeks. 5. It was interesting to hear your views … (8) our new product. 6. Please pass … (9) my best wishes … (10) Mr. Lund. 7. I hope that he has now recovered … (11) flu. 8. I have pleasure … (12) enclosing our brochure. 9. Thank you … (13) your letter of 26 June, asking … (14) details of our new product. 10. It was good to talk … (15) you … (16) the telephone today.

Задание 2
Соотнесите части предложений из деловых писем по смыслу и переведите их на русский язык.
1. I was wondering a) to meet you when you came here.
2. I hope b) if you could help us.
3. Due to unforeseen problems, c) to hearing from you.
4. It was good d) Yours sincerely
5. I am sorry e) we are unable to deliver your order on time.

6. I look forward f) that this information will help you.
7. We must apologize g) in connection with the above order.
8. I am writing h) to hear that you’ve had some problems.

9. Dear Mrs. Wilson i) for the delay in shipping this order.

Задание 3
Выберите правильный вариант ответа на вопрос.
1. Какой из данных ниже вариантов соответствует британскому варианту написания даты письма?
a) 12 06 2004 b) 12 June 2004 c) 6th December 2004 d) 12/06/04
2. Какой из данных ниже вариантов является правильным обращением к женщине, семейное положение которой Вам неизвестно?
a) Dear Madam b) Dear Miss Smith c) Dear Ms Smith d) Dear Mrs. Smith
3. Какая комплиментарная концовка используется, когда отправитель не знает имени получателя?
a) Best wishes b) Yours sincerely c) Yours faithfully
4. Какой из данных ниже вариантов является правильным завершением информационного письма?
a) Looking forward to hearing from you.
b) Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.
c) Nice to be writing to you again.
d) Thank you for your telephone call today.
5. Какой из данных ниже вариантов является правильным началом письма-запроса?
a) We are writing to advise you… b) We are writing to confirm the details
c) We are happy to accept your terms and request … d) We are writing to enquire if there are…
6.Какую фразу Вы выберите для того, чтобы правильно начать письмо-сообщение (сообщается негативная информация)?
a) We regret to inform you that… b) We are delighted to advise you that …
c) We are sorry to tell you that… d) We would be very pleased if…
7. Выберите правильный вариант указания на тему письма.
a) Further to… b) Owing to … c) As a result of … d) Because of…
8. Выберите правильный вариант для продолжения следующей претензии: Unfortunately, we have not yet received your payment…
a) Please could you send us your price-list as soon as possible? b) Please could you send us a bill as soon as possible? c) Please could you send us your cheque before 30 June? d) We would appreciate if you could collect the money as soon as possible.
9. Выберите правильный вариант для письма-претензии по поводу длительной задержки поставки товара:
a) Unless you send the goods within seven days, we will be forced to take legal action. b) We would be grateful if you could deliver the goods soon. c) I should like to draw your attention to the fact that you have not delivered your order. d) I should like to point out that we have already paid for the order but you haven’t delivered it yet.
10. Выберите наиболее подходящий вариант для начала письма к Вашему деловому партнеру, с которым Вы уже встречались в неофициальной обстановке:
a) I have pleasure in enclosing our brochure. b) It was a pleasure to meet you again. c) Please do not hesitate to contact me. d) Thank you for your letter of…
11. Какой вариант наиболее подходящий для сообщения неприятной новости для Вашего делового партнера в официальном деловом письме:
a) I am in receipt of your letter dated 16 March. b) Thanks for your letter of 16 March. c) Thank you for your letter dated 16th of March. d) I am grateful to you for your letter dated 16th March.
Задание 4
Выберите правильный вариант ответа.
1. We are … to inquire about agents for our products in Bahrain.
a) asking b) sending c) writing d) planning
2. Could you please … this letter to any companies in Bahrain that might be interested in
representing us?
a) forward b) recommend c) represent d) transfer
3. Please could you …. that the prices in your catalogues are still correct?
a) tell b) confirm c) approve d) agree
4. I am visiting the Middle East … and I will contact you again to arrange a demonstration of our
a) shortly b) later c) some time ago d) soon
5. Meanwhile, please do not … to contact me if you have any further questions.
a) afraid b) be frightened c) hesitate d) delay
6. Thank you for your letter …. your employment with our company.
a) asking b) enquiring c) concerning d) enclosing
7. I would also be … if in your reply, you could tell me exactly where your offices are located.
a) grateful b) interested c) interesting d) excited
8. We have been … to increase our prices. This is owing to the fall of the dollar.
a) happy b) able c) unable d) forced
9. I am writing … with the above-mentioned order for office furniture.
a) regard b) reference c) further d) in connection
10. We are able to offer a 12% discount on the … price. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer
discounts on any of the supplementary charges.
a) booking b) confirmed c) basic d) special
11. We must apologize for …
a) not sent you b) not to send you c) not being sent to you d) not sending you
12. … we hear from you within seven days, we will be forced to cancel your contract.
a) If … b) Until… c) In case … d) Unless
13. I really must …, therefore, that you refund at least 10% of our money.
a) say b) complain c) warn d) insist
14. …. that I have not written before now to thank you for the invitation to the conference last
a) I am afraid… b) I was wondering… c) It was bad … d) I am sorry…
15. We would be very grateful for any comment that you may have from your experience with
this company. Any information that you supply will be kept strictly … .
a) secret b) classified c) detailed d) confidential
16. We are sure that your company would find it … to have a stand at the fair.
a) interesting b) reasonable c) attractive d) worthwhile

Задание 5
В данном ниже письме выберите фразы, соответствующие официальному стилю деловой переписки.

Mrs. Lloyd
Personnel Manager
BLD Services
22 Oak Road, Oxford, OD 26 18L

20 May, 2004 / 20th May

Dear Carol / Mrs. Lloyd,

I am writing to apply for the position / get the job of Marketing Manager in your Tokyo office, I read about / as advertised in last week’s Guardian newspaper on 2 May. As you can read / outlined in my CV, which I have enclosed / I’m sending with this letter, I went to / attended Riverside Secondary School. In 1987, I graduated from the University of Wales with a BSc in Marketing.
After graduation / When I finished my studies, I moved to Tokyo where I trained as a market researcher for two years. When I came back / On my return to England, I continued working as a market researcher until 1993 when I obtained / got my present job / position.
I am currently employed / Now I work as Assistant Managing Director at Melton Enterprises. My duties include / I have to control the organisation of staff and stock. I am generally noted for my good managerial skills / They say I am good at managing.
I believe that I would be an ideal / great candidate for the position, as I have had extensive marketing training. I also have a number / loads of good business friends / contacts in Tokyo and a basic understanding of the Japanese language / can speak Japanese a little.
I enclose / am sending you my CV and photograph / photo as requested, and would be happy to supply you with further details / can give you every piece of information you need. I thank you for reading / considering my application and can come for / am willing to attend an interview at
any time.

Yours sincerely, / Best regards,
Steven Bradley

Задание 6
Замените подчеркнутые фразы их эквивалентами, соответствующими
официальному стилю деловой переписки, данными ниже.

Wisteria Ltd.
21 Greenwood Street
Norfolk, ND 896 J3

May 7th, Friday

Dear Wisteria Ltd.,

We got your name from Messrs. KLM Ltd., who have been buying from you for a couple of years. We asked them if they knew of a manufacturer who can send us right now the goods written on the enclosed list.

We’ll tell you in confidence that our usual supplier has rather let us down this year on delivery dates and quantities, and we are in danger of getting into arrears with one or two of our contacts.

If you can send the necessary goods, please accept this as our official order: we’ll pay on any basis you like.

We hope you will be able to meet our requirements in this instance, and would add that if your products are OK and terms of delivery rather short we should be interested in doing business with you.

Write soon. Yours,

Purchasing Manager
Watson & Sons, Ltd.


Задание 7
Данный ниже образец не соответствует правилам написания и оформления официального делового письма. Перепишите письмо грамотно, правильно оформите его композиционно.

Dear Mike Brown,
12 January 2007
What an unexpected pleasure to hear from you after all this time! We thought you must have forgotten us since you place your previous order with us two years ago. May I take this opportunity of enclosing for your attention our new catalogue and price lists. One of the things you’ll probably notice is that all the prices have gone up by 15% since your last order but still, never mind, everyone else’s have gone up too – even yours I expect! Nevertheless, for your current order, we shall be delighted to supply you at the old price, so you’re quite lucky Oh, and another thing, I nearly forgot: you can contact us by fax if you feel like it. The number is
998321, all right?
So, there we are, nice to be writing to you again.
Yours faithfully,
Sales Director
Burke A.

January 12, 2007