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В контрольной множество коротких заданий. Контрольная начального уровня elementary. Любой студент может решить задания этой контрольной работы.


Jaws. Контрольная по английскому.


Перевод текстов с английского языка

Переводить с английского на русский легко тому, кто хорошо знает английский язык. Чтобы быстро выучить английский, выполняйте как можно больше контрольных работ.


1. Заполнить пропуски артиклями.
Is your brother going to _ movies or to _ Zoo tomorrow? Mr. Watson has _nice
dog. Her doggy is under _ table.

2. Протранскрибируйте следующие слова.
Answer armchair 
cherry pie
coffee dinner
son door eat

3. Заполните пропуски предлогами.
You must look _ your little brother. _ what time are we leaving? Mr. Baxter sits down _ the kitchen desk. I'm going to go _a diet. Joan lives _ Washington.

4. Заполнить пропуски «some» и «any».
Do you have a pen? Are there _ children in your family? There are _ museums in the town. Jena has _ French books. Bill hasn't _ cigarettes.

5. Образовать множественное число от существительных.
Pupil, wolf, wife, holiday, friend, cupboard, desk, type-writer, fax-machine.

6. Образовать сравнительную и превосходную степень прилагательных. rainy, snowy, tall, good, difficult.

7. Закончить разделительный вопрос.
Our grandparents live in Togliatti, ... ?
a) aren't they; b) don't they; c) do they; d) are they.

8. Поставить вопрос к подлежащему и общий.
Mrs. Jones puts some pie on the plate.

9. Поставить вопрос начиная его с What.
W. Saroyan wrote many novels, plays, scripts and stories.

10. Напишите в 2-Зх предложениях освоих планах на лето, начиная: I’ll…

11. Устно прочесть и перевести текст.


«Jaws», one of the most successful films ever produced, features a great white shark — one of nature's most effective kil­ling machines. «Jaws» is also an efficient entertainment machine and a great financial success. In the film a shark terrorizes a small town by attacking swimmers. Three men, including a police chief and a professional shark killer, try to kill the shark.
Steven Spielberg was twenty-six when he was selected to direct the film. For 4 years he had managed television productions and progressed to directing films. His chiller was a great success and got him the job of directing «Jaws».
Although the film was successful, its filming took twice as long as originally scheduled. The delay was due to a lot of managerial emblems that Spielberg had to solve.
One of the first problems was the location for shooting the film. Martha's Vineyard, a small island, was chosen because it looked very much like the fictional town. However the choice was made in the winter. What Spielberg did not know then was that in summer, when the filming was actually to take place, Martha's Vineyard is one of the most popular places on the Atlantic Coast.
Hundreds of boats enter and leave the harbour each day. The filming had to be frequently interrupted. How do you maintain suspense «if a family of four is picknicking only fifty feet away from a «dramatic struggle»?
Another managerial problem was Bruce, the mechanical shark. Actually there were three sharks. Each weighed 1.5 tons and cost about $ 150,000 and each was used for different movements (right-to-left, left-to-right) and different scenes. Thirteen technicians controlled the shark by means of a long cable from a special platform. The first time out Bruce sank, the second time, the hydraulic system exploded. Only constant repairs kept Bruce in action. 
Planning and coordination were major managerial problems. Each day, several ships started out to sea. One ship was for Bruce. Another for the technicians. Still others were for the camera crews and actors. The travel was made six days a week from May to October. Some days they came back with no film at all. The failures were caused by Bruce, the weather and a variety of other problems.
Real sharks were hard to find; a dead one, needed for the finale, was finally brought by plane from Florida. It hung on the dock for four days creating a powerful stench. Local people in return left dead fish at the doors of the houses where the members of the cast were living.
Almost, everything that could go wrong did. Nevertheless, the daily trips continued until the last scenes were filmed.

12. Письменно перевести выделенный отрывок текста.

13. Составить к тексту 5 вопросов.

14. В предложении Real sharks were hard to find окончание – s в слове sharks является показателем:
а) 3л. ед.ч. у глагола в Present Indefinite
б) притяжательным падежом существительного
с) множ. числа существительного

15. Ответьте на вопросы:
- What’s the main idea of the film?
- What problems did the producer face?
- Was this film a success?

16. Определите по суффиксу часть речи.
Subdivide, widely, soften, ordinal, opponent, badly, careful, ahead – наречие, unloaded, offer, organize, majority

17. Переведите предложения, обращая внимание на выделенные слова.
a) The duty of a postman is to deliver letters.
b) He goes on duty at 9 a.m. and comes off duty at 6 p.m.
a) He hit his hand when he fell.
b) His new novel is quite a hit.
c) Several hours later they hit the right path in the wood.
a) They presented the girl with a Box of paints.
b) What are you painting there?
c) This artist paints in oil.